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Platinum challenge

Question asked by todzwif on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2016 by insertcoffee

I am almost finished with my challenge and should reach Platinum within two weeks.   So excited!  I will end up with 55 nights overall after the challenge.  I know that I have another 15 nights coming in December from my credit card anniversary, 7 for a vacation in October, and another handful of nights booked on business before the end of the year so I would have just squeaked by with 75 nights even without the challenge.  Glad to have the perks for the rest of the year, though!


My question is this:  if for some reason I end up with, say, 73 nights for the year - will I still carry over 23 nights into next year (difference between 73 nights and 50 night requirement for Gold)?  Or since I completed the challenge and became Platinum early, will I only carry over any nights after the 75th?