Long Live Marriott Rewards Insiders

Discussion created by bejacob on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by ssindc

Take just a moment to reflect on the wonderful resource we have here. Where else can you tap into the wealth of knowledge about Marriott hotels and the Marriott Rewards program?


Ask a question and chances are pretty good there will be several folks jumping in to answer it. Post about a problem and others may offer advice on how to solve it.


Didn't get notified of the latest Marriott promotion? Somebody likely posted details on this site.


Wonder which hotel to choose in London, Paris, Boston, or NYC? Folks who visit those places often will share their suggestions often with photographs.


BTW, it's not just about Marriott. Comparisons of other hotel programs are here. Discussions about airlines or aviation in general. Sightseeing, road trips, travel blogs, poll questions, as well as updates direct from Marriott (often before it is announced elsewhere).


It may not work flawlessly all the time (but what does these days, just ask Southwest or Delta). Even so it's great to place hang out most of the time.


So go ahead. Post, complain, comment, ask, share, and/or describe. That's why MRI is here. I, for one, hope it will be around for a long time to come.