THE TIPPLE REGISTER IS HERE... and the Saturday @3pm sneak-peak

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Yes, folks, in the interests of preventing global warming I've been recycling this thread for 2 months now... hey why let a good thread die?

This is the final change to this Register thread and now serves as a list of all those who attended...

Thank you all for making TIPPLE the greatest Insider event ever...

01. bejacob

02. brightlybob



05. jerrycoin

06. jerryl

07. pluto77

08. gm1

09. nationwide

10. nationwideMRS

11. SeaTexan

12. fistuk

13. erc

14. Jsucool76

15.  painedplatinum

16. tef6178

17. navysafeJoyce

18. navysafeKenny

19. razorbackfan

20. bikinchris

21. kohlerclan

22. kohlerclanMRS

23. NathalieF

24. Jasmine Huffman - Director of Digital Loyalty Community

25. Thom Kozik - Marriott Rewards Head Honcho


But this last pre-tipple recycling has an extra use... to make you all aware of Marriotts top secret sneak peak that will be revealed here, at the JW Marriott Houston, exclusively to our gathering at 3pm Saturday 17th September. Be like a millennial - in the know, up to date, and not at all square! And don't forget the equally important Marriott-hosted Tipple Reception at 7:00pm... arrive hungry, and thirsty!

I'm here at the JW Marriott Houston right now enjoying a Pre-TIPPLE.

Can't wait for you all to join me... mmmmmm TIPPLE


Wouldn't you know it and doesn't time fly? Why boys and girls, when I posted this thread I was warning that there was only 2 months to our TIPPLE. I've updated the countdown through as the date approached and now folks ITS THIS WEEKEND... YES THIS WEEKEND IS TIPPLE. Although our special reduced rate rooms are now gone and proper JW pricing structure has resumed (right now that weekend is $190/nt) both the walking distance Downtown Courtyard and Springhill Suites are currently offering $90 rooms.


So, who is asking when or what our TIPPLE is? Yes I'm aware you know phctourist but you've got a doctors note, and yes, wesleywc I'm well aware the dog ate yours!  To those of you asking those questions, well as to the when we'll all be meeting up on Friday 16th September and Saturday 17th September, some are going just for Saturday, but most are both nights. And as for the what, well, hold on...  just where have you been living this last year? Well, let me list those that do know what TIPPLE is because these people are going - up to date to 12th September 2016

But if any of you on this list have changed your mind, although it will make me cry, please do tell me so I can keep the list up to date, likewise anyone who is planning to attend will make me very happy if I'm told so like razorbackfan I can add you to the list. If anyone is bringing their wife. Husband or significant other please advise so I can keep numbers up to date. This isn't a record of how many rooms will be used, just the number Marriott can expect to cater for, so please do keep me updated.

Remember you need to book your room yourself at our special rate here Group Corporate Travel Booking Page


Now if anyone is asking where? Well, to Houston, where we've arranged a great $119 per night rate at the JW Marriott Downtown, here...


Note not the JW Marriott Galleria, seatexan if you want to shop you'll have to get in your car, or how about the bus? If you want to TIPPLE however, no need for a car - indeed a car is most inadvisable when TIPPLE-ing - for the JW has it's own excellent bar and many others within walking/staggering/crawling distance. Not that this is going to be all about beer, as bejacob would say. No it's going to be about wine, scotch and Gin too! Allegedly we might even talk about travel, well pluto77 might, or travel credit cards with our resident cardsharp jsucool76 or airgeekery with iahflyr or perhaps get some tips to bag a Marriott bargain using the LNF program with our money-saving expert fistuk or simply anything Americo-British (no Brexit please) with me!


Now you may notice from the list that a certain classification of regulars on this board didnt featre for a long time, and I called out the MODS


No, not those Mods, this is TIPPLE, not Quadrophenia, so c'mon guys, well all girls actually


Other than Andy who is (mercifully) missing from this lovely image

With Marriott providing some drinks and munchies on Saturday night I was rather hoping we're going to be treated to the presence of as many of our wonderful mods as possible, communitymanagers carat lindseyh and deannad  and you too andrewt but only Nat has managed to make it, but in a surprise move we are seeing 2 of Marriotts big-wigs turn up, the director of Digital Loyalty and the Head Honcho of Marriott Rewards, so we do need to bring our enquiringly minds as well as the beer. And I'm sure theyll all appreciate a nice can of IrnBru to share...


Now to the agenda... Well there isn't one, but this is mine... Join in if you want!

Thursday 15th - arrive evening and to exec lounge (hooray) then bar (woohoo)

Friday 16th - Breakfast then work (boo!) then exec lounge with Friday TIPPLERS then bar (woohoo)

Saturday 17th - Breakfast then bar (woohoo) then Marriott exclusive 3pm preview, *then* (as if all that's not enough) Marriott reception in Exec lounge (HOORAY) then bar (woohoo)

Sunday 18th - Breakfast then bar (woohoo) then go County Collecting - yeehaw!

Yes, unless youve not been listening these last 6 months, there really isn't an agenda... Other than (a) Marriott provided cocktail reception and (b) Buy brightlybob and bejacob a drink event... But he doesn't want his so I'll drink it for him - the sacrifices I make to ensure there's some sort of agenda, eh? And in case you don't know who I am hopefully this will help you recognise me:


Alms Ale for the impoverished Brexit-Bankrupted-Brit and his incredible shrinking pound!

And one final thought worthy of repeating, TIPPLE starts TOMORROW