Rooms arebeing sprayed with a chemical scent.

Discussion created by rogerg on Oct 7, 2014
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Has anyone noticed that Marriott is starting to spray room with "scents"?

I'm at a Courtyard and after my first night there I woke up to a massive headache and nausea.

I asked the maid and she said that she does spray a perfume in the rooms. I emailed Marriott and they sent the email to the hotel manager

Who sent me this response.


Our Customer Care department forwarded me your concern with the use of perfume in the room. Our housekeepers do spray an odor neutralizer when they clean the rooms. This chemical does have a variety of scents and we change the one we are using about every three months. Our current scent is called "Laundry Fresh". This product is supplied by Ecolab, a Marriott approved vendor that supplies all our cleaning chemicals. I apologize for any miscommunication from our housekeeper about using perfume and I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

As you mentioned, you absolutely can request a "chemical free" room. At our hotel, when we get this request we reclean the room just using warm water and do not spray any other cleaning chemicals during the guests stay."


This is the second Marriott Hotel that I've stayed in that had a strong perfume smell that made me ill.

We finally have hotel rooms that do not smell of cigarette smoke, only to be subjected to chemical sprays. Even if I ask not to spray my room, in most hotels the windows cannot be opened so the chemicals get shared room to room by the ventilation system.


Has anyone else noticed this? Is this something that will cause health problems?