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23 Hour Layover LHR - What to do?

Question asked by pluto77 on Mar 6, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by pluto77

I am trying to decide stay and activity options for an upcoming layover at LHR.  The difficult piece of this puzzle is the fact that I'll arrive in the afternoon (14:30), and depart the following day (13:40).  I've looked at schedules for museums, and none of them are open late the day that I will be there, so museums, which close at 5:00-5:30pm are out.  Also, no musical performances going on.  If I stay in the city, I think I will need to leave for the airport fairly early (like by 9:45am) to ensure that I won't miss my flight, so there wont be any time for activities in the morning, unless perhaps taking a very early stroll (which is actually quite lovely, but of course means no rest for the wicked).  Maybe it's just best to stay at the LHR Ren, and maybe tube into the city for a bit of shopping, dining and/or theater in the evening, then tube back, get up the next morning and do some runway watching before checking out and heading off, thus being assured of catching my flight.  I'm curious what other Insiders would do in this case (besides perhaps choosing different flight options, since change is not an option.)


Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions!