Driving new and (prolonged) participation

Discussion created by jakeal on Feb 20, 2016
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In an effort to channel our "One and Done Insider" energy into something positive I am starting this thread to see if we can drum up some ideas for increased MRI membership. The contests I have seen over the years (i.e. Baseball Stories) result in some great stories, but do not typically translate into long-term increased participation. I have clearly stated my dislike of the "Elite Stories" promotions, though have offered very little in the way of ideas for what (in my opinion) may draw increased (and prolonged) traffic. So here is one:


A focus on the blog area of MRI, particularly as it pertains to Trip Reports. I often find Trip Reports (from bejacob, vaboywnder, pluto77, iahflyr, painedplatinum, kharada46, and others) the most interesting to read and they often spur new places that get added to my future travel destinations. It may be too much to reward bloggers with points every time they post, though Barclay has a travel community that does just that. I think a start might be to highlight a different blog post every month and have the member receive a small number of points in recognition of their story.


Members who have been around awhile (ks77, bpelican, zukracer, jerryl, jerrycoin, foxglove, brightlybob and many others I am forgetting) : what keeps you coming back? What ideas do you have for increasing (and sustaining) membership?


Members who are new (gatilla007, seatexan, and many others I am forgetting)  : what would interest you most? Keep you coming back? What ideas do you have for increasing prolonged participation?


Feel free to share other ideas. I look forward to hearing from old and new members alike!


communitymanagers, carat, deannad, lindseyh, katiec, melissaerb, and andrewt: hope you find some of the ideas that I hope flow freely helpful. Any information you can share about how the contests are developed would be interesting (at least to me).