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What difference does platinum status really make?

Question asked by motiv8r on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by seatexan

In this forum, I have noticed a lot of interest in achieving and maintaining platinum status and I don't understand why. I became a platinum member a few months back and I haven't noticed any improvement in my Marriott experience. In fact, I stayed at the Saint in New Orleans several time before becoming platinum and really liked the hotel. The first time I stayed as a platinum member, I  was given a tiny room a million miles from the elevator on a lower floor with a lousy view. For my "gift," I received a bottle of water. When I complained in an online review, I rec'd the managers regret that my experience was disappointing, and nothing else. In other experiences as a platinum member, I have never been given an room upgrade and never rec'd any sort of meaningful "gift." I know this sound like another complaint, but I am sincere in wondering what the attraction is. Am I missing something? Or perhaps it's just that my experience is atypical. Thanks for your insights.