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Getting lots and lots of points in short time

Question asked by seanjaz on Dec 16, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by seanjaz

I hope to go to Atlantis Cove for 10 days in January.


The good news is that rooms are available, and it would cost 440,000 points.


The bad news is that I only have 5k points.  (I am platinum member, and foolishly trader 360k points for 150k delta points)


Can anyone thing of any way to obtain that many points in 3 weeks?


I know I can buy 50k, this year, and 50k in early January.


I just applied for the Chase Marriott card, and if I get the bonus in time, I will get 70k points.


I am staying at a Marriott as we speak, and I believe at the end of the stay, I will qualify for 30k Mega bonus.


That leaves me short by 240k.  Does anyone know of any creative ways to get that many points in short time?