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Copying painedplatinum, pluto77 on this as I can't branch comments on a blog, so I'm starting a new discussion.


I think I see what you are saying, that when you create an entry in your blog, it doesn't appear on the Insider's home screen as recent activity, and likewise as well, with regards to photo albums created in one's own blog as opposed to the 'destinations' topic.  So in a certain sense, things created in one's own blog, gets no 'air play.'  I noticed the same thing, and as a result, sometimes I create blogs and photo albums in my own blog (LoFlo's Random Ramble), and other times I'll create them in the 'Discussions' topic, depending on my mood or perhaps how excited I am about sharing a post.


Andy, is there a way that threads and photo albums created under one's own blog can get the same exposure on the 'recent' list on the home page? communitymanager


I will certainly look into this for you as you've both provided excellent blog entries worthy of attention. I'm not sure why the personal blogs aren't appearing on the homepage but they do appear within the Activity | Marriott Rewards® Insiders. That's a good place to see the play-by-play of the community. It's not the same thing, but as you "follow" other Insiders you will see notifications of the activity like personal blogs. What’s the difference between tracking and following content?


As you find an interesting blog or author, you can "track it" to receive updates within your communications page. But a word of clarification - you can track both a blog and a blog post - the difference is notifications of future posts and notifications of comments to a single post. Two examples of the difference:


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