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Courtyard Paris Boulonge or Renaissance Paris Hippodrome de St Cloud

Question asked by bedia on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by fschumpert

My fiancée and I are heading to Paris mid November to get married. We are staying on pints at CE for 5 nights, but need to bok a book for two nights before we go to CE. I was thinking of going to Versailles and thought of the CPB or RPHSC bc they are cheaper and on the west side. Thoughts between the two. We do not plan to rent a car, but are not opposed. Also, other thoughts on tings to do on the west side of Paris. We will be landing in paris 11/20 and understand this is a wine festival day but unsure what this really means for a vacationer.


Also, any thoughts on how to get an upgraded room at CE since it will be wedding nt and honeymoon. We are eloping so just the two of us. Any other advice is welcomed since we have never been to Paris.