Visiting DC area in November

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erc and vaboywnder, this is the feedback I was hoping for, wondering what others have to say about this property.  It indeed looks like it's in the middle of a shopping center in the photos, but the interior looks pretty nice, though yes, photos can be deceiving.  The RI Capital View is very close by with stellar AAA no adv. purch. rates too, for the nights that the Ritz prices jump back up.  And there is also the Ren Capital View with both great rates and a Cat. 5 (taking bets it won't be that next year).  Also, Key Bridge, $79/night... decisions, decisions...

Has anyone stayed at the Renaissance Capital View?  It's a new property, I believe.


And to be sure, my first choice would be the RC WDC, but their pricing (and tier 4 too) is not so cooperative (okay pricing this time of year, but definitely not a steal).  Someday, perhaps...