Platinum Premier - the "ghost" status - How can this status seem to be so "unknown" by Marriott staff ?

Discussion created by jmconleyjr on Sep 11, 2014
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I have been on somewhat of a personal mission to guage the front desk or even manager knowledge of the "ghost" status of Platinum Premier.  I have been inquiring at Marriotts, Marriott Resorts, and Renaissance hotels that I have been recently staying at.  All of these stays have been paid stays (no points).  To date, at 5 differing properties I am 0 for 5 on any upgrades.  Front desk personnel are 3 for 18 on knowing what Platinum Premier is.  The 15 that didn;t know stated it is just another name for Platinum.  If Marriott intended to have this "status" reflective of their top tier, they are missing the mark if their own employees don't know.  What would be the purpose of the status ?

I'm curious what other Platinum Premiers are experiencing from a knowledge standpoint of the status.  Are you also experiencing this "ghost" of a status from Marriott staff ?