Spirit to Serve - Matthew D.

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I wish to nominate Matthew D. at the Fairfield Inn Watertown Thousand Islands for a Spirit to Serve award.


Every question I had, he had an answer. The trickiest one was where to find local postcards (which are becoming something of a relic of times past). He had two suggestions (including a competing hotel chain just across the street). Sadly the first option didn't work out and I was forced to spend 32 cents at the other hotel.


Matthew said that he get frequent requests for postcards and that he will do his best to make sure this FFI carries them in the future. I truly appreciated all his help and commend him for suggesting I visit a competitor to get what I needed (even for such a small purchase). I was reminded of the scene from Mircale on 34th Street where Kris Kringle sends the Macy's customer to Bloomingdales.


This is a fine example of the Spirit to Serve and Matthew deserves recognition.