In How Many States Have You Stayed at a Marriott Property?

Discussion created by bejacob on Mar 3, 2014
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Looking at MRI travel goals (What is your travel goal?), it seems several Insiders have the goal (at least informally) of visiting all 50 states. It got me wondering about Marriott stays across the U.S. That brought me to this question:

In how many states have you stayed at a Marriott property?

Having only joined MR a few years ago, my current tally is 19. With travels already planned for 2014, I will reach 25. Not bad, but I'm sure many long-time Insiders have a much higher count.

I also know many Insiders travel overseas quite a bit, so feel free to also include a count of foreign stays at Marriott. I can only list Canada and the United Kingdom among my non-U.S. Marriott stays.

If you aren't sure, give it your best guess.