What is your travel goal?

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I started thinking about this during the planning stages for my latest road trip.


Many MR Insiders have places they want to see. There have been several great posts related to this topic over the years.


Re: Bucket List survey

January Jams?

A bucket list redefined?


I'm interested in Insiders' specific travel goals. Whether you've achieved it or not, what are (or have been) your travel goals?


For example lakersfan set a goal in the early 1980s of staying at 100 different full-service Marriott hotels (Like 1994....The First Marriott Stay). He acheived it by 2001 and keeps going.


My goal is to visit every county in the United States and document my trip with a postcard mailed home from each county seat. I've reached 25% and expect to hit 33% (or so) by the end of 2014. It will probably take 10 years (maybe longer) to complete my collection (Traveling the United States one county at a time).


Whether they are long-term or short-term doesn't matter. For those who have already reached specific travel goals, how long did it take once you decided to pursue your goal? Have you set new travel goals?


So, what are your travels goals?