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I am at 99 nights as of Dec 1, 2019.  I am already lifetime titanium elite, it is really worth getting to 100 nights? I am not even close for the dollar amount to get the ambassador  but is there any kind of reward, as there is at 50 or 75?

UPDATE FOR 2019: See bottom of this post   Las Vegas in general, and the Cosmopolitan in particular,  have become greedy for your money and much less customer service oriented. This sad fact has brought me in to a situation where I had to "fight" for my elite status recognition and the benefit of getting a room upgrade. Checking in
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Recently we stayed 4 days at the Columbus Airport Marriott using a suite upgrade with Platinum Elite, the room we were given was the former meeting room with no couch, decorations or a dresser. According to the Front Desk Manager "Room 524 is the only suite that has been through a complete renovation" but we were moved the following day