Umbrellas and Ice Scrapers

Idea created by arizonatag on Jan 20, 2018

    So I've had the pleasure of staying at a few Marriott resorts that have Umbrella stands by the front door for loading and unloading vehicles during inclement weather when they don't have an overhead shelter. Of course most have bell cap service. A very nice amenity. I would like to see if a Car Windshield Ice Scraper could be added to the front door or front desk amenities list. Many times as a business traveler, I pickup a rental car that doesn't come with an Ice Scraper and have the thrill of using a Credit Card to scrape windows or wait for the defroster to do the trick during the winter time. It wastes gas, time, and creates pollution. It would be nice if the front desks of Marriott's could provide umbrella's or ice scrapers for guests as a standard available amenity. communitymanagers thoughts?