• Any luck with receiving a credit after cancelling an advance payment?

    Any luck with Marriott being reasonable and giving you a credit vs. "stealing" your money for an advance pay reservation?
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  • Sheraton Bellevue or Homeless Shelter

    well, for years I thought Marriott should buy Motel 6 and not Sheraton, and said so many times it finally happened, I stayed at a Sheraton, at my client request, it was worse than I thought, the hotel called me ...
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  • 7,500 points/night or $76 per night

    I notice from a recent post some smart insiders on here and experts of points etc... What would you do - use 7,500 points a night at a courtyard (It's actually one of the best) only 2km to catch a shuttle up to the Ro...
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  • When will Marriott post the next promotion?

    Hoping one of the community leader board monitors will respond to this question.   When will Marriott post the next promotion?  I'm not asking what it is, just when is it going to be posted.  I have fi...
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  • Platinum Challenge Request

    Hello Dear Friends, Please I would like to participate in the Marriott Rewards Platinum Challenge. Can you please help me with info & how to take it? Thanking you in advance, Kind regards, Steve
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  • Having Problems With Activity Updating?

    For the last 24 hours I've been getting error messages on Marriott.com, Marriott.co.uk, the iPad app and the iPhone app. All are problems relating to Account Activity. Am I alone? 
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  • add elite night

    Hello@   I did not receive my elite night credit around my birthday on 21 JUN .  Could your team help me to add it for me ? Thank you very much .
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  • Platinum Challenge question

    Hi,   I completed the platinum challenge in the summer and have received platinum elite status, but I’ve read conflicting information about it.   do I keep platinum through the end 2020 like if I acq...
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  • HELP!!!!

    I have just booked a Cunard Cruise departing from Sydney on 9th March 2020.  I arrive in Sydney on the 6th of March and need to book accommodation with Bonvoy, preferably with points for the 3 days before my depa...
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  • Why am i being moderated when i tag someone? Anyone else?

    Many years on here and an insider of the month. Why am I being moderated. How about others? I find this quite distressing that mother Marriott is looking over everything I say. I can no longer accept that it is a rand...
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  • Best way to book?

    I currently have a reservation at the Stellaris in Aruba in late September, where we are meeting some other couples. We are planning to stay a few extra days once they leave that will linger into the first couple days...
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  • Great redemption strategies?

    For you experienced members, what do you feel is the optimal way to use your points?   in the past I’ve used them to book five night stays for the four night redemption - always seemed like a great deal to...
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  • Advertisement and goods for sale by Marriott

    Anyone else getting a lot of Sheets, beds, soaps and everything Marriott and Westin to purchase in their emails ? I'd rather get some targeted bonus points than all these advertisement & marketing. And how legitim...
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  • Booking broadway show through Bonvoy

    Has anyone booked a broadway show via Marriott Bonvoy?  If so, were you happy with the quality of the tickets?  The website doesn't provide detail on the location of the seats.
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  • Has Marriott Customer Care really gone away?!?!  Treated like dirt!

    I have used/wasted over 100 hours tried to get all of my account details, alleged 'upgrade to the Plus card' benefits corrected, and to get everything straightened out.  I've written to Marriott care / rewards on...
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  • How to contact consumer affairs?

    Can anyone tell me how to contact Consumer Affairs?  I was grossly overcharged on a stay and have been talking to the standard 800 number customer support for over 2 months.  They repeatedly tell me I w...
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  • Confirmation E-mail Received, No Room At Hotel

    Ever happen before that you've received a confirmation e-mail but ended up not getting a room at the hotel? I was booking a room using a group rate at the Gaylord Texan Resort (for Quakecon), I had the link to the gr...
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  • I lost 1.7 Million Points when combining to Bonvoy. WHY?

    Did anyone else lose points when combining Marriott Rewards and SPG Points to Bonvoy? After 30 years, I have almost 2,000 nights stayed in Marriott Properties, amassing over 4.2 million points. Prior to combining the ...
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  • Birthday Elite Night Credit?

    The past several years I have received a Birthday Elite Night Credit on my Birthday.  It has been several weeks since my Birthday in the beginning of June, and I have not received it yet.  When I log into my...
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  • Westin Policy On Coolers

    Strange question that I got from a friend who stayed at the The Westin Houston Downtown a few nights back.  The arrived at the hotel with the luggage for the night and a cooler with some food and wine/beer. ...
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