• Hotels where I feel "at home"

    I am certain that there are many road warriors out there to whom most hotel are just places to rest on their travels(I was one for many years). However there are also a number of hotels which, because of the way we ar...
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  • Covid-19 = furloughs at Marriott

    We worry about whether to cancel our upcoming stays. We stress over whether we will keep elite status next year. We'll be looking for bargain prices on hotels when all this is over.    Let's take a mom...
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  • The world is going to hell in a handcart!!!!

    I am currently in Fuertaventura in the Canary Islands. There has been one unconfirmed case of Coronavirus on the Island. But the Spanish government is imposing the same travel restrictions here as are in force on the ...
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  • 2021 Status Roll Over?

    With all the cancellations to conferences and travels due to the Corona Virus, does anyone think that Marriott would roll over status to 2021?
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  • West Coast Insiders at TIPPLE

    Where are all our West Coast Insiders?  I looked at the list of those scheduled to join us in Seattle for Triple TIPPLE, and the West Coast representation is light...  Where are you guys?  For years, we...
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  • WTH

    So I am on my computer looking for a room on points yesterday on short notice for tonight... I find the room 10,000 points, log off the computer to head home and discuss it with my wife. She is like awesome lets get i...
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  • need help with hotel block and marriott bonvoy

    hey,   i am looking for a good hotel block for a marriot in long island. prefer marriot in melville. I wanted to know what is the best way to maximize on points from my hotel block into my marriot bonvoy. I just...
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  • Platinum Elite Challenge 03/2020 16 Nights in 90 Days

    I'd like to sign up for Platinum Elite Challenge. I am currently Gold Elite. I was told over the phone it would 16 nights in 90 days or so.  I was told I am signed up or the lady on the phone signed me up by th...
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  • What Does Beyoncé Say?  “Upgrade Me” in Wilkes-Barre

    It’s just a Courtyard, but the Courtyard Wilkes-Barre Arena bumped me to the big king with sofa bed. They also gave me the customized pen and welcome gift. Someone has to take the time to wrap the water and cand...
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  • Years of Elite Status

    Do you have any idea when the annual elite years will be updated.  In 2019 I had 8 years at Platinum Elite status.  We are now almost 2 full months into 2020 and the balance still sits at 8 years.  This...
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  • Repeated Missing Stays..Frustrated

    Hi all,   I am constantly having to report missing stays.  Four times in the past 8 weeks alone. I always book directly through the Bonvoy App and I get emails about my stay etc.  Every time I call to ...
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  • Washington DC recommenced

    Suggestions on where to stay in Washington DC with a concierge lounge on weekends?
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  • Your Suite Night Award request is pending.

    Inside of 5 days prior to your arrival, consider this the middle finger.  Why can't there be a benefit that just makes sense and works - period, end of story.  Marriott should set the bar, and if reached, th...
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  • Journey and experience Bonvoy, Hilton, IHG - My take

    Since December 13th, I have been on vacation travelling all over the US & Canada experiencing IHG, Bonvoy and Hilton properties - Elite status in all 3 - Spire, Platinum and Diamond respectively. My observations a...
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  • A New Week, A New Web Site Flub!!

    I know brightlybob had the window box last week. I never like to be outdone by a Brit, so I offer up the 47 reservations that no longer register...….come on Arne!!!!!!!  
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  • What is Marriott Pet Policy?

    I understand Spring Hill Suites and Residence Inn are only Marriott properties that permit pets in room. For those who have utilized this feature, can you advise extra costs for this, or do they just require a damage ...
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  • Incorrect Bonvoy status on insider profile

    I have looked on hear may times since first seeing this in 2008. I have from time to time, seen that my profile shows the same as it did 12 years ago. Since Titanium and even ambassador has been around, I have always ...
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  • Birthday Elite Night Credit

    Two years ago I have received a Birthday Elite Night Credit on my Birthday. This month also my Birthday month. How can I get this corrected? I really look forward to getting the Elite night night credit, because it he...
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  • Has anyone cruised MSC with Marriott status?

    Hello,   My wife and I are going to Greece in September.  We are debating on a cruise vs. land tour.  I see on the Bonvoy site that we can get points per $1 spend on cruises.  I then noticed that ...
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  • Whilst i have been absent Marriott have announced the death of the SPG Amex Card.

    Now here is a question for brightlybob and any other statistics persons on here. The points per spend have been reduced from 3 points per pound to 2. A 1/3 kick in the teeth for us Brits. I haven't found anything else...
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