• Anyone get a Suite Upgrade using a Suite Reward Night?

    I have 5 Suite Rewards to use.  Just wondering how successful anyone has been actually getting a suite upgrade using this feature.
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  • Showers, Tubs, etc

    What are your thoughts on the property showers ?  I tried the RI in Exton PA,  newly renovated (actually still being renovated) but I was given a finished room.  They reused the old (small) tub, after r...
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  • Why is traffic down ?

    So it seems that Insiders traffic seems to be down. Curious if I am imagining things or not. If not speculate why.    I do know i use the FB groups (Titanium and Amb) for questions and comments.  I sus...
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  • Who is your Favourite Insider?

    While we're waiting for Marriott to sort out the 29 Ways to Stay contest, it seems some sort of mindless distraction is in order. With that in mind, I offer this completely meaningless poll.    Be sure to v...
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  • Residence Inn Microwave Popcorn. Do you Eat it?

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  • Are you Sick of the Rewards Program Merger Yet?

    Feel free to comment. Poll expires on Sep 30, 2018.
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  • How long to respond to an email?

    OK,  for someone who you have corresponded with before (in this case an Ambassador).  What is a reasonable response time (not resolution,  just acknowledgement) ?
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  • Flag at half staff

    Context - Couldn't get Marriott to respond to my request to more appropriately display the US flag in front of Residence Inn Denver Stapleton, so I thought I'd see how off base was my concern  
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  • What is an appropriate response to ***** in your room upon check-in?

    I had a recent stay where I was greeted with ***** on my toilet upon checking in.  The staff was visibly shaken by the event and did not know how to respond, so I moved forward with action that got me out of the ...
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  • LTPP Squared (yet another poll)

    Because we can always use another poll on Monday.    For the LTPPs out there,  how far have you eclipsed the 750 night, 2 M point threshold ?
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  • Is 29 ways a new low

    So 29 ways has been advertised,  delayed and finally released.    It appears (and SPG FB confirms) that this is a win once and you are done. If you won 50 points on day one, too bad for you.  Ther...
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  • Best place on Marco Island?

    Looking to take a trip to Marco Island, FL in February and wanted to see if there was a preference for people between the 2 Marriott options there.
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  • Will You Merge Now, Later, or Wait until Marriott forces It?

    Just looking at what percentage will chose to merge immediately, wait a while, or wait for Marriott to force it. Obviously, there may be valid reasons to wait or merge early, so we will see, but thought I had better g...
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  • When will you log in to MRI next ?

    So with the outage planned tomorrow (8/18) when will you first attempt to log into MRI ?   Discuss..... 
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  • What About Number 30?

    With all the news circling around about the merging of the SPG, Ritz-Carlton and Marriott Rewards programs into one, I noticed that there are only 29 brands under the Marriott umbrella now, which has set off my OCD.&#...
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  • Ignored or lied to when reporting an issue

    Have you been lied to or ignored when reporting an issue to the front desk or maintenance?
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  • Gifting by the Road Warrior

    What are your Gifting practices while on-the-road Insiders? I had to include a little satire for some of our Insiders, and you know who you are...
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  • How long will it take for MVC points ?

    And now, another edition of how long will the MVC points take to post ? I checked out on Monday 2/19
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  • Should more be done ?

    Everyone should get involved-Able bodied, disabled, young, old, happy and mad !
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  • Merry Christmas Poll

    How do you evaluate your Christmas present status
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