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Posted by gashf15 Oct 28, 2019

The Suite upgrades appear to be worthless if you use any type of discounted rate.  I was denied the Suite Awards upgrade 3 times this year, Guatemala City, Lisbon Portugal and Cincinnati.  Twice I had to demand my Suite Awards to  be returned because I wasn't given the upgrade but they took the Awards anyway.

Since the merger with SPG I'm finding our benefits are slowly being diluted.  Very disappointing. 


New Chase Bonvoy Visa

Posted by gm0ney Aug 23, 2019

Just got my replacement card today for Chase Marriott Rewards card.  I guess I knew it was not going to be black and I was OK with that.  But I'm disappointed it is no longer metal.  I guess metal is not compatible with Tap to Pay gimmick.  And another thing that makes no sense, why remove rewards number from the card?  So I'm disappointed and I might not activate the new card until I'm forced.

For those members who are also Ebates member, there is a bonus 8% rebate, now 10% for 48 hours.


It is free to join Ebates and you still get all your Marriott reward benefits when you book thru this portal.



Posted by 702rugbyref Dec 31, 2018

Never thought I could accomplish this. In fact, almost immediately after the merger, I caved to the fact there was no way I could get almost 400K in points. I did not think I had any issue with the nights so that wasn't worrisome. But with the merger and new structure in April I believe, it just seemed out of reach. As such, I even started my goal of achieving Diamond once again with Hilton.ltpp4me


I had truly given up chasing it and basically accepted (haha) that I would be LTP until I got 10 years in. I hit 750 nights EXACTLY on my 4th anniversary with Marriott 2 weeks ago. However, what I FORGOT was that I earned a 100k points bonus from the SPG AMEX card and it posted to my account 3 days ago which put me literally within 24k points! Now I am waiting for the promotion bonuses to post but apparently they will not until the new year (think that wasn't planned by Marriott!!). Anyway, when all was said and done and even though our LT points balances no longer are posted, I contacted MRCS and they advised me that I needed 11,223 points to hit my 2 million points so I ended up buying 12 (1000 points bundles (no fractions)) @ $12.50/1000.  Of course I wish Marriott would have posted my promotion points or even my missing meeting event from September that I have asked for 3 separate occasions.


So all in after 4 years and 2 weeks I sit at 755 nights and 2,000,223 points so I am thankful that I will get the 75% bonus without any effort for the rest of my time staying.

A few days ago, we stayed at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel and Spa in Niagra Falls Ontario.  The ONLY saving grace was the VIEW from our room (1606) of Horseshoe and Bridal Veil Falls.    Unfortunately, our arrival was delayed .... I was hoping to get a quick bite and drink in the concierge lounge, but its hors d'ouvre service was limited to 5:30-7:30pm, I went to the "lounge " to discover tables and chairs in a plain room resembling and employee lunch room with a cooler with bottled water and a metal rack with potatoe chips and popcorn.  At the check-in Elite counter, the agent said your breakfast will be off the menu in Mortons, not in the lounge.    When we arrived at the host desk in the morning, I was looking at the menu cards but the hostess said, "you get the buffet", which was far below Marriott standards in U.S., let alone what is offered in their European hotels.

Upon arrival at our room, we looked at limited room service menu and decided to go to lobby restaurant to check out full menu.    We attempted to order "to go" and were told that we had to eat in restaurant, although

the hotel complex was contingent to several fast food outlets which offered unhealthy alternatives.

Our bill was "padded" with "destination fee" which appears to be a duplication of what is already included with Elite status and "incremental fees" which I still do not understand.

The most practical disappointment were the BEDS!   I am faithful to Marriott because of the BEDS which they also market for home use.   Our beds were NOT Marriott beds,,,,,soft, lumpy, uncomfortable mattresses.

In addition to the VIEWS, the other saving grace of this hotel is that most of the employees are very friendly and gracious (with a few exceptions:  the Morton  impersonal breakfast hostess )

I would not stay here again!!   Next time, I'll experiment with some of the newly acquired brands.

We stayed at the Sheraton Tel Aviv from Sept 7-14. I had received an email prior to our stay asking if we'd like to upgrade to a Seafront room for an extra $30 per nite. I accepted this offer. When we checked in the desk agent (I believe her name was Mila) said it was a complimentary upgrade since I was a gold member. When we checked out we were charged the $30 per nite ($210) as they told us there was no notation in the system of a complimentary upgrade. Not right.
In addition, our room had a very musty/funky odor. On our way out the first evening I told the desk agent. She said she would take care of it. As I walked outside I realized I never gave her our room number. I walked back in and mentioned that to her and she said she knew our room. I asked her what it was and she gave me a wrong room. When I told her our room number she again said she would take care of it. Well, she didn't. I had to call again next day and they sent an ac guy to room to check filter. That wasn't the problem. I called a third time on third day as we had figured out an awful smell was coming from the bathroom sink. They said they would fix it and they changed our room. So, after 3 days of complaining of smell, finally got it resolved and had the inconvenience of repacking and moving. Never comped for a drink or a breakfast.

Not a good way to treat gold members.

I recently stayed at this property for 2 nights. The location of this property is just amazing – right in the middle of Cusco – opposite Qurikancha – regarded as the most important temple of the Incas.

This was my second Luxury Collection property and the platinum treatment and the property is just miles apart from my previous experience – the Equinox property in Vermont.

This property charges the dreaded destination fees but it’s waived on points and C+P booking. I made a C+P booking 2 days before the stay because of a last minute schedule change. I had emailed the property before hand and they did say they would waive the fees for platinum members.


Check in area:

They also offer 10% off F&B for platinum members.

At check in – I was upgraded to a Deluxe suite with 2 beds – the bed type I had initially booked but I asked for a king bed room after looking at it as it looked like 2 single beds and they gladly obliged.

We went for lunch and they gave us the new room keys when we were at lunch.

The room was a bit dark so please forgive the contrast. It had 2 balconies and it had a nice view of the Qurikancha on one side and the city on the other side.






View from the balcony:




For those who are not familiar Cusco is at a high altitude of 3400 Meters or 11200 ft. They have coco tea in the lobby to deal with the shortness of breath.

This is an old palace which was converted to a hotel and they have preserved the old Inkan palace feel. Every evening around 5 PM they organize a tour of the hotel which is usually hosted by the concierge and I would highly recommend it.


Our concierge was Jose and he did a wonderful job of narrating the history of the hotel and explaining the significance of the various artworks present through-out the hotel. The courtyard right in the middle is very beautiful – one of the best I have seen since the one in RC New Orleans.






At the end of the tour we took part in a small Inka ceremony which I thought was pretty cool.

After the tour we stopped by the bar for a lesson on how to make Pisco sours – a must have drink in Peru. I liked the taste though it did not go down well with me – I will just leave it at that.

I would recommend just trying a small glass first and not drinking too much as it’s not for the light hearted.

Since we were leaving the next day at 3 30 AM and the breakfast starts at 4 30 – yes it starts that early we asked for a box breakfast and I had asked for fruits and water for my wife who is a pure vegetarian. I got 1 apple and 2 ham sandwiches – when I complained the operator at F&B said she had mentioned that they only give single fruit and the kitchen did not listen to her instructions.

On the night we got back from Laguna Humantay we ordered room service and when I said I wanted a pizza with no cheese – yes that’s how I like my pizza she could not understand that and had someone sent over to my room to get the order. I did sense that there was a language barrier.

I ordered chicken soup as well with noodles and the noodles were raw – the waiter did offer to take if off the bill but I said its ok.

I asked for a late checkout at 1 PM and easily given.

I would definitely stay at this property again – this usually has cheaper rates than the JW which also looks pretty darn nice from the pictures. We had planned to go there for dinner for 1 night but we were too exhausted to walk.

Looks like a change on the website when booking a room providing price comparisons. Anyone else seeing this?

Residence Inn Denver Cherry Creek

670 S Colorado Boulevard Denver, Colorado 80246
0.4 miles from destination
Category 6 Hotel Reward
All-suite hotel with dozens of restaurants, bars, and shops just steps out of the front door.
From 162 USD/ night
View Rates
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As a Chase customer for close to 20 years with a Marriott Visa Card, I have having a heck of a time getting them to give me what I've earned; my Free Night for my Chase anniversary.  That anniversary was in May and here we are in mid July.  What gives?  I've called them and their customer service is virtually non existence.  This is the first year that I have ever had this problem.  Oh, beside the Free night, I haven't gotten the associated 15 credit night either.  Anybody else having an issue with Chase?  Thanks


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Posted by msannmcd Jul 18, 2018

I just noticed that my monthly ranking is 29 and my yearly ranking is 29 - just like my age!  


Great Customer Support

Posted by rajaselman Apr 20, 2018

Dear Messrs Marriott,


During our stay in Madrid-Spain between the 6th and 13th of April 2018, we have witnessed an excellent service and an outstanding customer support from your staff, Miss Laura Ruiz.


I wanted to bring this to your attention and the attention of the "Marriott Customer services" and I wish that this remark is noted and passed to Laura.


Best Regards,

Raja Selman & family

I am interested in knowing how the 7 night hotel/mileage package that Marriott currently has will change in august?  i.e., will it be offered? and at the current point price? and should I purchase several now so I can use after august?


AND will the 7 night Marriott package I have be good to use at a starwood property after august?

My wife and I were in the Hong Kong International Airport and is amongst the best airports in the world in my opinion. I have visited this airport many times and for anyone who has not, it is bloody huge! This was my wife's first time and I wanted to share my very positive experiences with the Cathay Pacific's First and Business Class Lounges so the thought process was very simple. We had just about 4 hours to experience 3 CP lounges...'The Wing' - Gate 1 as soon as you come though immigration, the NEW BC 'The Deck' near gate 16 and end up at 'The Pier' near Gate 63. However, things changes slightly as you will read below.


First off was The Pier at 1330hr and in my opinion one of the best lounges anywhere because of the view and ambiance. We ate in the restaurant where I had roasted duck and my wife had a chicken dish. As some of you know, I do not drink alcohol so I was on a double espresso mission and my wife tried her usual assortment of champagnes and Chardonnay or Cabernet. We stayed in this lounge for about 45 minutes because she wanted to do a little shopping and I wanted to start making our way to my highly anticipated first experience with the NEW 'The Deck'.


At 1435hrs, 'The Deck' was on the second floor near Gate 16 area. It is a noodle bar mostly with a smaller assortment of alcohol. This was my least favorite and I was disappointed not with just the much smaller size of this BC lounge but the service was poorer as well. You must go to the noodle bar to place your order and then return to get it as they give you one of those buzzer thingy's you would get if you went to an Olive Garden.


There was no doubt I was now really excited to get to 'The Pier' near Gate 63 around 1515hr as it is my favorite lounge within the CP group. I know there is a long appointment line to get a massage so as soon as I got inside, I put my wife's name in but there first appointment was not until 1730hr and we were boarding at 1740hr. They did put her name on a 'cancellation list'. We found a very nice spot next to the window in the bar area looking out a British Airways A380 being prepared. The wife had 2 glasses of champagne and I enjoyed a Fanta. Then it was time to eat again so we went to the restaurant where I ate an Angus Burger (highly recommended and quite popular).


It was now around 1705hr when I noticed on the display board our gate had changed from Gate 63 to Gate 30 and I was a little ticked since I wanted to just hang out and not have to walk another kilometer. So we loaded up our stuff and proceeded to head towards our gate. As we got closer, around Gate 48 but in between the shopping intersection, I noted 'The Bridge' lounge. I had been there years before but totally forgot about it. You go downstairs and we were greeted by two very happy CP folks and I told them this was our 4th CP lounge in less than 4 hours and they both chuckled and said, 'Are you going to go the the 5th one? It is closing at the end of this month. This absolutely peeked my curiosity and they proceeded to to state it was located near Gate 20. Again this is not a small airport and my wife and I both thought no thanks for about a minute or two but then I thought well if we don't at least look at this opportunity, then I know I will wish I had tried at least. So we decided to go for it.


Thankfully, there are many moving sidewalks and as we past our Gate 30 for AA192 at 1725hr, I thought it was not going to happen as I am the type of person who must be first in line and on the plane but as we briskly walked aided by the moving sidewalk, I thought we can do this. We get to 'The Cabin' and you go down an elevator to get to this one. Sweating a little and probably aided by the expressos, we checked ourselves into the lounge. My wife a little worried about getting back to our gate, I walked swiftly through this lounge to say hello and bid farewell since it is indeed closing the end of April.


We got back in the elevator, jumped onto the moving sidewalks in an assisted effort of making it to Gate 30 in time to board only to arrive at 1737hr to find out they had already started boarding our Business Class so we had no line except for the 'screening' prior to boarding the flight. Needless to say, I had a nice glass of water on the plane and was out like a light before we even left the gate.


Who knew you can get so much fun with life challenges.


Five Cathay Pacific Business and First Class lounges in 4 hours. Oh BTW...they stamp your boarding pass each time you enter the lounge.

Do not stay at this Hotel.  I am a Platinum member and when using my points to book a stay for my daughter and grand-daughters dance contest in Ft Worth,  they arrived at 11 pm and the hotel would not honor their stay, even after calling me. They had the wrong last name and did not have my credit card with them. The ironic thing is they were going to charge me a nights stay for a NO SHOW.  The Night Manager Cherry was EXTREMELY rude and uncooperative on the phone.  I hade to find another Residence Inn in Ft Worth for them to stay in,  they finally got to a hotel at 2 am,  courtesy of a very nice Omaha Call center employee who found us a room.    The Ft Worth Courtyard Downtown is a snooty uppity and belligerent hotel.   DO NOT BOOK THERE!!

Dissed  from Houston.

Okay, just a little venting here...have you ever wondered why a Rental Car that is supposed to be free, costs you money to cover all the taxes and frees and Airport concessions. I just reserved a 1-week rental car with Hertz as a President's Circle member. Instead of the standard weekly rental fee of 2,750 points, I had to surrender 5,500 points because it was a booking less than two weeks out. I searched for Airport and Non-Airport Hertz locations to find the best car availability (premium) so I can receive the guaranteed upgrade to a luxury vehicle. The Airport venue would have cost me another $75 in taxes and fees; so I found a city location that was only $42 out the door in taxes and fees.


So, if the rental car points are supposed to give you a free vehicle, why isn't it free. When I use my Marriott points for a hotel stay, the room is absolutely free; no taxes, no fees; just free. But a rental car still entails taxes and fees almost as much as the daily cost of the vehicle or more. Seems like a bit of a rip off to me. Oh and also while I'm on it, when you use FF miles, like say United Miles to book a Hertz rental car, it is completely free. No tax, airport fees, or concession fees. Zero. So why is that.


Okay I feel better now that I've vented.


Is Hertz a Rip Off insiders?