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Okay, just a little venting here...have you ever wondered why a Rental Car that is supposed to be free, costs you money to cover all the taxes and frees and Airport concessions. I just reserved a 1-week rental car with Hertz as a President's Circle member. Instead of the standard weekly rental fee of 2,750 points, I had to surrender 5,500 points because it was a booking less than two weeks out. I searched for Airport and Non-Airport Hertz locations to find the best car availability (premium) so I can receive the guaranteed upgrade to a luxury vehicle. The Airport venue would have cost me another $75 in taxes and fees; so I found a city location that was only $42 out the door in taxes and fees.


So, if the rental car points are supposed to give you a free vehicle, why isn't it free. When I use my Marriott points for a hotel stay, the room is absolutely free; no taxes, no fees; just free. But a rental car still entails taxes and fees almost as much as the daily cost of the vehicle or more. Seems like a bit of a rip off to me. Oh and also while I'm on it, when you use FF miles, like say United Miles to book a Hertz rental car, it is completely free. No tax, airport fees, or concession fees. Zero. So why is that.


Okay I feel better now that I've vented.


Is Hertz a Rip Off insiders?