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Courtyard Katy Texas

Posted by alcplatiumpremier Oct 24, 2017

staying at the Courtyard Katy TX

first stay here

the hotel staff are exceedingly nice, helpful and professional

the rooms are very clean, roomy and well appointed

I highly recommend this hotel

(please do not tell Marriott one of their hotels has customer service and great rooms, Marriott does not accept customer service)

great location

twice in the last 3 months I have called Marriott customer service to assist me with a problem at a location,

neither time have I received a return call

on Monday of this week I called at 3 pm cdt,

as of Tuesday at 4.30 pm cdt no return call still,

so, 3,000 nites at Marriott and 9 million points get you nothing, no return call, no service, no honesty, nothing,

loyalty is a one way street with Marriott, I guess that comes from the Marriott family and their one way approach

what a way to treat your best customers, Motel 6 would be proud

Nearly 3,000 nites at Marriott and not 1 person can tell me the truth

just arrived at a Marriott, although made my reservation over 1 month ago, no one told me that no services would be available during my stay, and no discount from the quoted rate

call Marriott to find out the truth and 1 hour later no one would return my call

just one question, how much do I have to spend or home many nites do I have to stay before someone can tell me the truth?