Blog Post created by 702rugbyref on Dec 31, 2018

Never thought I could accomplish this. In fact, almost immediately after the merger, I caved to the fact there was no way I could get almost 400K in points. I did not think I had any issue with the nights so that wasn't worrisome. But with the merger and new structure in April I believe, it just seemed out of reach. As such, I even started my goal of achieving Diamond once again with Hilton.ltpp4me


I had truly given up chasing it and basically accepted (haha) that I would be LTP until I got 10 years in. I hit 750 nights EXACTLY on my 4th anniversary with Marriott 2 weeks ago. However, what I FORGOT was that I earned a 100k points bonus from the SPG AMEX card and it posted to my account 3 days ago which put me literally within 24k points! Now I am waiting for the promotion bonuses to post but apparently they will not until the new year (think that wasn't planned by Marriott!!). Anyway, when all was said and done and even though our LT points balances no longer are posted, I contacted MRCS and they advised me that I needed 11,223 points to hit my 2 million points so I ended up buying 12 (1000 points bundles (no fractions)) @ $12.50/1000.  Of course I wish Marriott would have posted my promotion points or even my missing meeting event from September that I have asked for 3 separate occasions.


So all in after 4 years and 2 weeks I sit at 755 nights and 2,000,223 points so I am thankful that I will get the 75% bonus without any effort for the rest of my time staying.