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A few days ago, we stayed at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel and Spa in Niagra Falls Ontario.  The ONLY saving grace was the VIEW from our room (1606) of Horseshoe and Bridal Veil Falls.    Unfortunately, our arrival was delayed .... I was hoping to get a quick bite and drink in the concierge lounge, but its hors d'ouvre service was limited to 5:30-7:30pm, I went to the "lounge " to discover tables and chairs in a plain room resembling and employee lunch room with a cooler with bottled water and a metal rack with potatoe chips and popcorn.  At the check-in Elite counter, the agent said your breakfast will be off the menu in Mortons, not in the lounge.    When we arrived at the host desk in the morning, I was looking at the menu cards but the hostess said, "you get the buffet", which was far below Marriott standards in U.S., let alone what is offered in their European hotels.

Upon arrival at our room, we looked at limited room service menu and decided to go to lobby restaurant to check out full menu.    We attempted to order "to go" and were told that we had to eat in restaurant, although

the hotel complex was contingent to several fast food outlets which offered unhealthy alternatives.

Our bill was "padded" with "destination fee" which appears to be a duplication of what is already included with Elite status and "incremental fees" which I still do not understand.

The most practical disappointment were the BEDS!   I am faithful to Marriott because of the BEDS which they also market for home use.   Our beds were NOT Marriott beds,,,,,soft, lumpy, uncomfortable mattresses.

In addition to the VIEWS, the other saving grace of this hotel is that most of the employees are very friendly and gracious (with a few exceptions:  the Morton  impersonal breakfast hostess )

I would not stay here again!!   Next time, I'll experiment with some of the newly acquired brands.

We stayed at the Sheraton Tel Aviv from Sept 7-14. I had received an email prior to our stay asking if we'd like to upgrade to a Seafront room for an extra $30 per nite. I accepted this offer. When we checked in the desk agent (I believe her name was Mila) said it was a complimentary upgrade since I was a gold member. When we checked out we were charged the $30 per nite ($210) as they told us there was no notation in the system of a complimentary upgrade. Not right.
In addition, our room had a very musty/funky odor. On our way out the first evening I told the desk agent. She said she would take care of it. As I walked outside I realized I never gave her our room number. I walked back in and mentioned that to her and she said she knew our room. I asked her what it was and she gave me a wrong room. When I told her our room number she again said she would take care of it. Well, she didn't. I had to call again next day and they sent an ac guy to room to check filter. That wasn't the problem. I called a third time on third day as we had figured out an awful smell was coming from the bathroom sink. They said they would fix it and they changed our room. So, after 3 days of complaining of smell, finally got it resolved and had the inconvenience of repacking and moving. Never comped for a drink or a breakfast.

Not a good way to treat gold members.