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Do not stay at this Hotel.  I am a Platinum member and when using my points to book a stay for my daughter and grand-daughters dance contest in Ft Worth,  they arrived at 11 pm and the hotel would not honor their stay, even after calling me. They had the wrong last name and did not have my credit card with them. The ironic thing is they were going to charge me a nights stay for a NO SHOW.  The Night Manager Cherry was EXTREMELY rude and uncooperative on the phone.  I hade to find another Residence Inn in Ft Worth for them to stay in,  they finally got to a hotel at 2 am,  courtesy of a very nice Omaha Call center employee who found us a room.    The Ft Worth Courtyard Downtown is a snooty uppity and belligerent hotel.   DO NOT BOOK THERE!!

Dissed  from Houston.

Okay, just a little venting here...have you ever wondered why a Rental Car that is supposed to be free, costs you money to cover all the taxes and frees and Airport concessions. I just reserved a 1-week rental car with Hertz as a President's Circle member. Instead of the standard weekly rental fee of 2,750 points, I had to surrender 5,500 points because it was a booking less than two weeks out. I searched for Airport and Non-Airport Hertz locations to find the best car availability (premium) so I can receive the guaranteed upgrade to a luxury vehicle. The Airport venue would have cost me another $75 in taxes and fees; so I found a city location that was only $42 out the door in taxes and fees.


So, if the rental car points are supposed to give you a free vehicle, why isn't it free. When I use my Marriott points for a hotel stay, the room is absolutely free; no taxes, no fees; just free. But a rental car still entails taxes and fees almost as much as the daily cost of the vehicle or more. Seems like a bit of a rip off to me. Oh and also while I'm on it, when you use FF miles, like say United Miles to book a Hertz rental car, it is completely free. No tax, airport fees, or concession fees. Zero. So why is that.


Okay I feel better now that I've vented.


Is Hertz a Rip Off insiders?