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Marriott is a THIEF!

Posted by johnmaszka Jan 14, 2018

I wanted to surprise my wife for our fifth wedding anniversary, so I reserved a corner room at the Marriott Al Fosan in Abu Dhabi with full board. I paid in advance only to have them jack up the rate upon arrival (the price I paid to reserve the package was 1,200 and they raised it to over 2,000 at check-in). Then they stuck us in a room with noxious paint fumes. We have a three-month-old baby and and three-year-old child. The fumes were so bad that we were worried about our children's health, not to mention it was very unpleasant. My wife used the bathroom and it flooded all over the hotel room. There was literally an inch and a half of water on the floor all the way to the bed.


We refused to stay in the room as it was a health risk for our baby and three-year-old son. The hotel promised to upgrade us to an executive suite, so we agreed. We moved all of our things to the new "suite" only to find that the hotel had instead put us into a standard room just a few doors down. The paint fumes were just as strong, and the room was much smaller. We refused to accept it, and after much apologizing, the front desk agreed to refund ALL of our money. When we arrived back home, we received an email from Dennis, the Manager, stating that the hotel would not refund our money. Furthermore, I received a phone call from an extremely rude and arrogant woman who more-or-less told me that there was nothing I could do about it, She was so smug and disrespectful.


How can any hotel chain treat their "guests" like this? How in the world is a refund under these circumstances even in question?

Marriott's "customer service" assured me that they would take care of it, and that I could "count on Marriott" to make it right. Then they did absolutely nothing except ignore me.


Marriott is a disgrace!