much more than Petra (part 2)

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Day 3 found us leaving Amman to take a drive down the serpentine road, known as the King's Highway, towards our next destination...Petra.  This winding road takes you through spectacular Wadis, along impressive roadways clinging to the sides of mountains and gorges, through farmlands and scorching deserts.

Our first stop of the day, was Mount Nebo, home of the memorial to Moses and the place where he stood to view the Promised Land.  It is said he died here at the ripe old age of 120 but the location of his gravesite is unknown.

Close by the town of Madaba, home to a mosaic of the oldest map of Palestine, depicting all the major biblical sites of the Middle East.

The drive along the King's Highway takes you to the spectacular Wadi Mujib Canyon(known as the Grand Canyon of Jordan) and this part of the trip was not for the faint hearted with it's windy, hairpin turn roads and sheer drops to the canyon below.  Sheep, goats, camels and donkeys are a common sight along this roadway and drivers need to remain alert, with Bedouin herding their flocks across this stretch of highway.

We come upon the most famous Crusader castle of Kerak.  Unlike attractions in Europe and North America, that have guards and staff making sure you are not entering or climbing in areas that pose a risk, once you pay your entrance fee, you are pretty much allowed to go wherever your feet may take you.  There are no barriers prohibiting you from falling off sides of staircases or ends of parapets.  A number of areas had open dry cisterns that were unmarked or hidden by tall grasses.  This was an amazing structure but I found it distressing to see the abuse by visitors scrambling along wall and towers to get that unique selfie.

As the day wound down we finally arrived in the town of Wadi Musa home of the one and only Petra.  As we headed to the Petra Marriott, excitement started to build for what we would see in the morning.