Minneapolis "Mis"-Adventures!

Document created by jerrycoin on Aug 24, 2014
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Having spent last week enjoying Minneapolis, I wanted to share some of the enjoyable events and share with you the "Diversity" of Minnesota!


Last Sunday got off to a "Rough start" visiting MOA (As it's called by locals, but it stands for Mall of America).  A colorful, crowded and calamity ridded experience.  When you have people directing you into The MOA, you know it's going to be a "Stress test", and I usually fail these all of the time!



The scenes here will out-do most zoo's!  It's wild, but fun!



Now if shopping is your thing!  There is more near the MOA, at the new "Outlet Mall" in Eagan.  Near the RI!  Be prepared for a crowd at this place as well.  It just opened a week ago, and parking, especially on a week-end, can be a challenge!



The busiest store was The Coach Outlet.  There were lines, 30 deep, just to get into the place!



The place is clean, safe, and plenty of shopping for everyone!


For those of you that enjoy a "Little piece and quiet" while enjoying new knowledge, try "The Bakken Museum", this is a real, "Hidden Gem"!  I learned about it on the "History Channel", and although it is somewhat difficult to find, it is most fascinating!  Next to a beautiful Lake Calhoun, one can appreciate a wonderful experience for people of all ages.




Bakken was the man who invented the "Portable Heart Pace Maker", and was a noted collector, especially of things that had anything to do with electricity!  This museum is "Hands on" and with displays from Ben Franklin to Frankenstein, one will learn a lot!





The fabulous story of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" is put together in a wonderful exhibit with 12 minutes of music/drama explaining the story!





Will have more on dining on another post!