Perhaps not on Your "Bucket List", Why not?

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Virgina City image027.jpg

(Early settlers, who "kicked the bucket" and are buried in old Virginia City graveyard in this photo)

Here are a couple of places to allow you to step back in history that are most likely not your favorite tourists spots:




This small village, a short ride south from Las Cruces, NM, was the first capital city of this western state, and its claim to fame was the place where Sheriff, Pat Garrett, shot "Billy the Kid" around 1850:

La Mesilla - Billy the Kid - Yahoo Image Search Results

Pat Garrett — Billy The Kid — Crime Library


La Mesilla image010.jpg

And, while there, you definitely want to eat some authentic Mexican food at LaPosta: La Posta de Mesilla

* Watch out for the Habanero pepper salsa chili plants- 60 times hottier than jalapenos!


This 19th century little town, a 45 minute ride east of Reno, NV, is worth visiting. Most people will perhaps remember the name from the popular TV series,"Bonanza", which was not actually filmed here, but on a movie set between Reno and Carson City, I believe.

Old Church - Virginia City.jpg

"Boot Hill" cemetery is actually in Tombstone, AZ; however, there are a number of Western cemeteries bearing this name, and I thought the one in Virginia City well depicted this famous landmark:

                                                                                              Virgina City image027.jpg

We've got to stop meeting like this.jpg

I spare no expense in taking my wife to all the top attractions  (see what I mean?)

                                                                                Where I Found Her.jpg

However, I don't just send her there, I go with her.....



Take time to visit Virginia City yourself; afterward head over to Carson City and then Tahoe and stay at the Marriott for a few nights -

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