Rome, Italy

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We made our way down to Rome for a few days to fill in some of the blanks we had missed on a previous visit.

Driving in Rome isn't something I would recommend. From the extremely impatient drivers to those that would just park anywhere it isn't a pleasant experience. We parked the car in the hotel whilst we were there!

The highlights on this trip were the Vatican Museum & Borghese Gallery. Both attractions were excellent.

It is advisable to book both in advance.

Booking site Borghese Gallery Galleria Borghese - The collections

The bookings are in 2 hour time slots. There are no photos allowed inside and all bags need to be checked in the cloak room.

Make sure you arrive before your allotted time to ensure you have the full time allowed.

The Bernini sculptures are excellent.

Vatican Museums - Official web site

There was around a 2 hour queue when we visited the museum.

Make sure you buy in advance, otherwise you will be wasting plenty of time and be preyed upon by folk trying to get you to go on tours of the museum at highly inflated prices!

Photos are allowed inside the museum, but not in the Sistine Chapel.

There is a decent contemporary art collection just before the Sistine Chapel. All the groups seemed to walk straight past. Make sure you allow some time as some of the paintings may surprise you.

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