Frascati, Lazio, Italy

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While visiting Rome in the summer of 2012, we did a day trip to Frascati.  Frascati is a hill town in the Lazio region of central Italy and is a short drive from Rome.  It's also known for it's white wine.  Very light and refreshing.  In Frascati, it was most fun to just walk around and people watch.  We didn't get there until about 3:00pm, and the place had just "rolled up" for the afternoon about the time we arrived.  Everything was closed.  We did find a small trattoria, and the Donna there was so gracious and sat us down and began serving us.  I think she just knew that we were hungry and needed to eat.  Of course we were the only ones there.  She told us what she could offer us, then in usual Italian Donna "take charge" style, decided for us.  We were served a very refreshing late, light lunch that included local olives, a salad and pasta, and Frascati wine, of course.  What a small adventure.  After that, we walked around, taking in the ordinary (but extraordinary to us) sights of this quiet village until about 6:30pm, when the place slowly woke up and came back alive.  By about 7:30pm, the streets were thrumming with people of all types, singles, teenagers, old men and women dressed up for an evening on the square, young families, all Italian.  The air was festive in an ordinary, everyday, easy sort of fashion, and everyone seemed happy.  The cathedral and all of the shops and restaurants reopened, and many were enjoying a gelato.  Wow.  What a marvelous life.  Italians really know how to live in the moment, and that is one of the things about Italy that I love so very much.  Frascati wasn't an iconic place to visit in terms of what you would read about in guide books, but I'll never forget the experience or how much I enjoyed it.