7 Tips to Pack the Best Travel Shoes

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It’s that time of year again! Time for planes, trains and automobiles to take us to our destinations for holidays! But for many women, packing for such trips can be a real challenge, especially during the colder months when we have to pack warm clothing and things like boots and coats. Not to worry, we have some great tips for you to make the most of your essentials and pack the shoes and clothes you will actually wear, without overpacking!

  1. Comfortable walking shoes. These are probably the most important kind of shoe you need to take on any kind of trip, but especially if you are planning to do some sightseeing, shopping or any activities with kids. You may want to take a pair of real trainers if you like to run or workout, but a good pair of comfortable shoes is a must. The ideal shoe would be a leather trainer, like comfortable Clarks shoes for women. But, depending on the season, you have a lot of options here. Comfort is the key.
  2. Cute shoes. Now that you have your comfortable shoes chosen, you can choose a pair of cute shoes, or maybe two. This will be a pair of shoes you reserve for going out, preferably when you won’t be walking too much. This might be a pair of flats, a pair of dressy sandals, tall boots or a pair of ankle boots, again depending on the season. This is the pair you can use to assert your personal style, something you look forward to wearing with practically all your outfits.
  3. Activity shoes. If you have a specific activity that you need to do when you are on your trip, you should take the appropriate shoes to do so. For example, horseback riding, motorcycling, running, climbing, going to the gym, gardening, hunting… you won’t want to be without your personal pair of shoes for these kinds of activities. If you don’t have any specific activity in mind, don’t bother with these shoes, as you can use your comfortable shoes for almost any spontaneous activity that may come up.
  4. Sophisticated shoes.It’s tempting to bring a pair of heels on a vacation, because they make us feel tall and sexy. But unless you are attending a wedding or a business meeting, forgo the heels. Instead, refer back to your cute shoes, maybe a pair of nice flats, or maybe a pair of tall boots or cute booties with a kitten heel in winter.
  5. Weather appropriate. It should go without saying, but sometimes when we are packing, we have a momentary lapse of reason. Don’t pack any shoes that are not appropriate for the season. That means, no sandals in winter, unless you are traveling to a very warm climate. Likewise, don’t bring your tall boots and ankle boots if you know the weather will be warm and sunny. Go for sandals and ballet flats instead, in this case. It’s especially difficult to pack when we are traveling to a different climate, which brings us to the next tip.
  6. The rule of three.This old rule of packing shoes for a trip is a pretty good one, I have to say. Pack no more than three pairs. You can also wear one pair, so that makes four pairs for a trip, which should be enough if you choose wisely! In winter, you should have tall boots, low boots, and a pair of comfy cute shoes. In summer, go for sandals, flats and trainers.
  7. Shoe TLC. Yes, your shoes need to be taken care of if you want them to last. One thing you can do is place you shoes in a special shoe bag, plastic bag or shower cap in order to keep them from getting dirt on your clothes. You can also stuff your shoes with things like socks and scarves that you pack, no only to save space, but also to save your shoe’s shape. If you have a pair that are too big or bulky to pack easily, save some space and wear this pair when you travel.

With just a little forward planning you can always be prepared with the perfect shoes on your vacation, without packing your entire collection!