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My wife and I have been staying at the Courtyard at Cocoa Beach Florida for the past 8 years while conducting business in the area. The employees have been very customer friendly focused making your time away from home a pleasant one. Just recently my wife had to be put on life support for 8 days and remain in the hospital for 26 days. The reason I'm sharing this with you is to show the human side of ordinary people doing an extraordinary job. We had reservations for the week my wife became ill so I had to call the hotel to cancel my stay so they could make  the room to someone else in need. While staying at the side of my wife,my daughter brought the mail to me because I would not leave my wife. While going through this terrible episode I opened my mail to find Get Well Wishes for my wife and telling me to take care of myself also. Did I ever need that, you bet. These people went out of their way to send cards that they were all saying prayers for us. The cards were signed by many of the staff members that we have come to know over the past 8 + years. Now that say something for the property maintaining personnel over the same time frame. While being at the hospital for so long I cannot tell you how uplifting it was to have these people go out of their way and everyday routine to uplift the spirit for someone in need of support and thoughtfulness.even though my wife was on life support I would read those cards to her over and over so if she could hear, it had to make her smile inside was my hope. People, who were paid for their services when we would go stay at their facility, did an extraordinary act of compassion in showing their support for us. This action will always be appreciated and communicated when ever the situation is discussed. Now that my wife was presented with a miracle from suffering a heart attack, stroke, and seizures regaining all her facilities we wanted her first trip to be a celebration back to normalisy. We stayed at the Cocoa Beach facility the week of November 23,2015 and had the entire staff tell my wife how excited they were to see her again. The expression on her face was worth a thousand words. She thanked the staff for their support and prayers and said were her to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of you. In fact shad the cards that they sent so she would not forget someone. Mrs Dee Galie at the front desk along with Rita, Mike, and Joseph from the restaurant were the key players in letting everyone know our status with regards to my wife's health. Dee was so compassionate about the situation that she went above and beyond to make sure our stay was as comfortable as possible. So again it should be noted. "Ordinary people, doing an Extraordinary job". Business has as it's most important assets their employees, providing that they are customer satisfaction orientated. I will always remember a quote I seen from Henry Ford who said, " Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is Success". At this point we must agree that the employees at the Courtyard in Cocoa Beach Florida are just that, A successful TEAM that gets the job done Right All the Time, You could say at this point, "WE LOVE THE PLACE" and people. They will for always be remembered. Thanks RWL Retail Growth Specialist for The Orlando Region of Ford Motor Company.