Tutorial: Document your journeys with photos and a blog

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Document your journeys

Like a personal travel journal, you can capture all the details, stories and photos that make your journeys memorable


1. Publish albums of your travel photos »

2. Chronicle your journeys with a personal travel blog »

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Publish albums of your travel photos

If an image is worth a thousand words, imagine how your photo albums chock full of images will compliment your journeys

Create a photo album

Step 1:

From the homepage, click on the "Destinations" discussion topic. Alternatively, you may also create photo albums within the Travel Photography interest group.


Step 2:

Click the "create a photo album" link


Step 3:

Give your album a descriptive title


Step 4:

Add additional details of your trip to contextualize your photo album with a description (you know... who, what, where and when)


Step 5: (optional)

Select the checkbox for each category which relates to your photos


Step 6:

Click the "create photo album" button


Note: You may create as many albums as you wish by repeating these same steps. Continue with the tutorial to add photos to your album.

Upload photos to your new album

Now that you've created your album...

Step 1:

Click the "add photos to this album" link


Step 2:

Click browse and select your first photo from your computer


Step 3:

Give your photo a caption in the text box so others know exactly what you're showing them


Step 4:

To upload each additional photo, click "add another photo" button and repeat steps 2 through 4 until all photos are selected and have captions


Step 5:

Click the blue "publish button" to upload all of your photos



Note: may take a few minutes to upload your images if they are large files or if there are several images to upload, internet connection

Chronicle your journeys with a personal travel blog

Capture all of your stories in one place to share with your family, friends and peers.


Setup your own blog

Step 1:

First, decide what theme you'd like to write about. Here are some examples:

    • European travel
    • Restaurants
    • Family vacations
    • Or, your personal travel experiences


Step 2:

Click the create link in the top navigation and select "Blog Post"


Step 3:

Beneath the textbox that appears, you'll see "You do not currently have a personal blog. You can create one and begin sharing your ideas with others" - click "create one"


Step 4:

Enter a name and URL for your blog


Step 5:

Click "create blog"


Note: For additional assistance, please refer to our FAQ, How do I create my own personal blog?

Write a post to your personal blog

Step 1:

Click your username in the top right corner to go to your Insiders profile page


Step 2:

In the gray bar that says Bio, Activity, Content, Connections, Click on "Content"


Step 3:

You'll now find a link to your personal blog in the left column under the heading "Your Blog" - click that link


Step 4:

Then you'll see a link in the right margin to "write a blog post"


Add relevant tags to each blog post

When writing each blog post, include any relevant tags to help differentiate your blog posts later. For example, if your blog is about European travel, you could add tags for each country. Or if your blog captures restaurant critiques, you could add tags for the type and location of each establishment.

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