Tutorial: Ask for advice from your peers

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Ask for advice from your peers

Pose an open-ended question to the community by creating a new discussion, or you may "mark your discussion as a question" for any questions that have a correct answer.


1. Ask for advice from your peers »

2. Monitor replies from your peers »

3. Reach out to subject matter experts »

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Ask for advice from your peers

Create a new discussion

Step 1:

From the navigation, click on whichever of the four discussion topics may be relevant to your search (Destinations, Marriott Rewards, Travel Tips and Other Topics).


Step 2:

Click the link to "create a new discussion" (as shown to the left)


Step 3:

Give your discussion a brief title that summarizes your question. (The length of your title is limited so your actually question should be written in the large text field below the title).


Step 4:

Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the checkbox next to any relevant categories to help others find your discussion.

"Mark your discussion as a question" if it has a correct answer

For any discussion that has a correct answer, you can mark it as a question. You may do so while creating your discussion by selecting the checkbox that says "Mark this discussion as a question", which appears just below your title.

Mark up to 2 answers as helpful

As you read through answers from your fellow community members, you as the author can mark which answers are actually helpful (up to 2 helpful answers per thread/question). Helpful answers receive a yellow star to highlight their significance from the entire chain of replies.

Mark an answer as correct

And since you're looking for a correct answer, you as the author can mark that answer when you see it (only 1 correct answer per question). There's an added benefit to marking the correct answer because we'll automatically display that correct answer along with the original question.


Monitor for replies from your peers

Read through new replies to your conversations

Step 1:

Click the "Communications" link at the top of each page to see your personal inbox - or a list of all replies from other Insiders to your contributions. This is a handy way of providing all the latest activity on your discussions since you were there last, and without having to navigate to each individual thread.


Step 2:

The list in the left column represents each thread with new activity. You'll notice that each thread of these threads has a blue indicator to the side which is your cue that it's new.


Step 3:

When you click on a discussion thread in from the list in the left column, you'll see a preview of the thread itself appear in the right column along with each new reply from others. From here, you can continue the conversation by replying to the original discussion.


Note: As a new member of the community, you will automatically receive an email notification for each of these replies. If you find that you’re active in the community and don’t need the email notifications, you can disable them in your profile preferences.


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Reach out to subject matter experts

Knowledgeable Insiders with diverse travel experiences have offered to help others with particular areas of interest

Step 1:

The list of subject matter experts among Insiders is available from the homepage (under "Find Help & Support) or by clicking here.


Step 2:

The list is organized according to the community's discussion topics and categories to help you find information. Browse through the list for categories related to your area of interest or use your internet browsers search function to quickly look for specific information.


Step 3:

Insiders within specific areas of interest and expertise have been listed under each corresponding category. You may either send these Insiders a direct message with specific questions or you may at-mention their username within a discussion about an area of mutual topic


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Step 4:

To add your name to the list of subject matter experts, send a direct message to the communitymanager with up to 3 areas of personal interest.


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