Tutorial: Plan or research a trip

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Plan or research a trip

This tutorial will leverage your Insiders profile to plan and research your next trip based upon the wealth of knowledge provided by your peers.


1. Begin researching with a keyword search »

2. Browse discussions within relevant topics »

3. Respond or like replies when they're helpful »

4. Insights from Concierge associates »

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Begin researching with a keyword search
The quickest way to look for what interests you is to search the whole community for content that matches your keywords.

Step 1:

Look for the search bar in the top left corner of each page


Step 2:

Within the search bar, type any combination of keywords that describe what you’re looking for.


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Note: Although this is the quickest way to find specific information, you will have limited options to sort and filter your search results. Continue through this tutorial for more nuanced options.

Browse discussions within relevant topics

If you’re planning an upcoming trip, you’re likely interested in specific information about the destination, hotels, local attractions or even advice on hotel redemptions or certificates. Here’s how you can skip directly to the information you’re looking for.

Refine your search within specific discussion topics

Step 1:

From the navigation, click on whichever of the four discussion topics may be relevant to your search (Destinations, Marriott Rewards, Travel Tips and Other Topics).


Step 2:

Click "Browse recent conversations"


Step 2:

Use the search bar available in the middle of the page. This will filter out all other content from the rest of the site so you're likely to find better results.



Zero-in by searching within specific categories

Step 1:

From the navigation, click on whichever of the four discussion topics may be relevant to your search (Destinations, Marriott Rewards, Travel Tips and Other Topics).


Step 2:

This time, instead of using the search box, click on whichever category best represents the nature of your search. This gives you only the content within the category you've selected and filters out everything else.


Step 3:

You can zero-in on your conversations by further filtering this list of conversations with specific keywords. Just above the list of conversations is a text box that says, "Type to filter by text" which is where you can enter your keywords.


Respond or "Like" replies when they're helpful

A "like" is a courteous gesture that shows your peers you've found their information to be helpful, insightful or simply fun and interesting. You can "like" nearly any post, reply, blog post or photo.


Insiders are welcoming and enjoy hearing from everyone so feel free to reply as you read through conversations.


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Insights from Concierge associates
Marriott’s concierges from around the world submit local insights and attractions through the Concierge Corner Blog

Search Concierge Corner for related posts

Step 1:

Click here to search the Concierge Corner blog for relevant posts.


Step 2:

We used "destination" as a placeholder for the above search. Replace "destination" with your keyword to search for relevant Concierge Corner blog posts.

Follow for future updates

Step 1:

From the homepage, click the Concierge Corner blog link that appears in the right column or click here.


Step 2:

In the top right corner of the page, click the blue "follow" button.


Step 3:

You'll now find future Concierge Corner blog posts on your Activity page

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