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All, I don't have time right now to gather a bunch of questions from the 15 million threads of questions, so I'll create a document here to try to have communitymanagers go to ONE place to respond to all questions when they get answers, instead of trying to follow 100 separate threads!  So, I'll include a couple of questions here (I'll come back later today to add more if others haven't already added them).  I just wanted to get the document started and get a couple of questions added so everyone can contribute now.


Please look in the FAQ for answers (as well as updated answers, as the FAQ changes) prior to posting questions here:


communitymanagers - would you be able to answer questions in-line, directly under the question in this document -- IN GREEN?  I will attempt to answer questions in RED, and if I'm incorrect, feel free to change anything incorrect IN GREEN.YES, We will answer in green as soon as we are able.


Everyone - try not to duplicate efforts here to make communitymanagers do extra work!  Also, please do not ask a question that is specific to your individual situation, try to ask the question in a manner that it can be related to anyone in that specific situation.  For example, don't ask a question like "I have 475 nights in Marriott Rewards and 1.25 million points and 55 nights in Starwood with 300k points, when everything in my account is combined August 18th, would I be Lifetime Gold or Lifetime Platinum?"   Try to make your personal scenario a generic example (don't use "my account", "me", "I", so that anyone close to that situation can quickly relate it to their own situation.


Here are the questions!  Anyone can add to them, so please do so here!  The document will be reverted to a "known good" version if other answers are included in the document, so please do not answer questions directly in the document - provide answers in the comments.


  1. Status Matching and Account Merges
    1. If you earned status from a Platinum Challenge before August 1, 2018 and only have enough "actual" nights to only be Marriott Rewards Gold by August 1, after August 1 in the new program will you be considered Platinum (because of only having enough nights for pre-combined program Marriott Rewards Gold) or Platinum Premier (because of successfully completing the challenge)?There will be no changes to status challenges. We will continue to honor as we do today. Members will be mapped to their new status level based on the new awards chart.
    2. If you earned status from a Platinum Challenge (SPG) before August 1, 2018 (and possibly status matched SPG Platinum to Marriott Rewards Platinum) status after the challenge, after August 1 in the new program will you be considered Gold because your "true" status was SPG Gold before the challenge, Platinum (because of having SPG Platinum by successfully completing the challenge) or Platinum Premier (because of new program status boost)? See above
    3. This interview with Chief Sales and Marketing of Asia Marriott makes a contradiction with the one interview Senior Loyalty Manager of Marriott by the point guy via facebook few days ago. In this interview, If you are gold Marriott no matter what it's from. Even if link account with SPG gold. Then you will get upgrade in August to Platinum Elites. Which is the correct answer? I would go with the answer from the guy in charge of creating the program (Dave Fleuck).  (and hope he's actually wrong) - status matched Elite status WILL NOT count as an elite year.
    4. If you earned status from the AMEX Platinum card and received SPG Gold (and status matched to Marriott Rewards Gold), in the new program would you be Gold in the new program or Platinum in the new program (regardless of earned nights)?  You will be Gold in the new program
    5. If you earned Gold status from the SPG AMEX or Ritz-Carlton Visa and do not have the required Gold nights in either SPG or Marriott or when they are combined, in the new program would you be Silver Elite (if SPG Gold was reached through SPG AMEX spend), Gold Elite (if Ritz/Marriott Gold was reached via Ritz-Carlton Visa spend), or Platinum Elite (as spend got you to Gold regardless, so your Gold is boosted to Platinum)? You will be Gold in the new program
    6. A SPG Plat 75 who earned Your 24 status  at the end of 2017 would expect to keep that status till at least the end of 2018 - can this be confirmed?
    7. An SPG member who has >75 nights in 2018, and should qualify for the 50% extra (1 extra point) under the SPG program - does that member earn anything above the documented Platinum Elite points per night? The member would have Platinum Premier Elite benefits in the new program
    8. It is suggested that we will be invited to merge our accounts into the new scheme on 1st August. Will we have to?  No (but they will probably be merged in 2019 regardless)
    9. If you already merged your SPG & Marriott accounts, does this constitute them being already merged August 1st, or will you still have to merge accounts regardless?  Accounts are "linked" now, they still have to be "combined" on/after 1 August for the new program
    10. If you do merge your SPG & Marriott accounts so that you have one account after August 1st, will that mean you are FORCED into qualifying for any lifetime status under NEW program criteria, or will you still be able to hit lifetime status under previous existing program (SPG or Marriott) criteria regardless?  I do not think a 'final' answer will be documented prior to 1 August, so if you need to qualify under legacy program lifetime status, DO NOT MERGE YOUR ACCOUNTS UNTIL YOU QUALIFY (or just let them be auto-merged next year)!  Example, SPGers can earn elite night credit for up to 3 rooms booked on the same night - why chance merging your accounts so you have a "new program" account, and possibly no longer able to earn the elite night credit for 3 rooms
    11. If for example an SPG Plat 75 didn’t merge his account to the new platform would that Plat75 still be able to qualify for the free night at 75 and would he/she still receive EQNs based upon up to 3 rooms per stay?  100% guess here, but I think you will be able to "qualify" for a "tier" under old program rules, but Aug 1, I would think old "benefits" would go away, since technically you are mapped to a tier in the new program (also see the next question)
    12. Up to now, one member could receive elite nights for up to three rooms in the SPG's hotels, how will this change after 1 August?
      Marriott Rewards policy adopted here: 1 elite night regardless of how many rooms you book; however, maybe if you don't merge your accounts, you will still have this benefit under your SPG account through 2018 (see above question & answer)
    13. It appears the key differences between PPE and PPE-A are "Ambassador Service" and "Your-24" - - what exactly are these benefits?
      Check the FAQ:
    14. For someone who is currently Platinum Premier Elite, what will that status map to in August?  Will current status map to PP with Ambassador? If such a person has not hit 100 nights or $20k spend in 2018, but did in 2017, does that count toward PP w/Ambassador status for 2018?
      Platinum Premier Elites will map to - Platinum Premier Elite.  I believe you will need $20k spend in 2018 as it is a new program 2018 added benefit.  Your spend counter will be added once you are Platinum (or Platinum Premier, I have to find the source for the correct answer) for this year, so you'll know how much you've spent.
    15. Which level in the new Marriott status tiers will be given United Silver status? Will this remain a benefit for Platinum members or require a higher status?
      new Platinum Premier (old MR Platinum - 75 nights, so no effective change) - Source:
    16. If i receive 2 stays/5 nights from each the SPG personal and business card, will those 10 nights carry over to my nights for the year when my SPG + marriott account merge?

      Source: SPG AMEX Terms, Conditions & Disclosures
    17. Will there be soft landings in the new Marriott program (e.g. if I reach Platinum one year but do not earn enough to qualify for Gold or Platinum the following year, I get moved down to Gold the following year)?  Probably not If so, how will the soft landing work for those that are Platinum Premiere or Platinum Premiere w/ Ambassador - would they get soft landed to next level down (another version of Platinum) or to Gold?  
    18. In August, will all your previous SPG nights and points activity apply toward your current and lifetime status or only that activity from this year or after August?  In other words, previously, even if our accounts were linked together, any points or nights you accrued via SPG did not count towards your Marriott current or lifetime status, even if you transferred points from your SPG account to your Marriott account.  So will your SPG history now be transferred over and applied to your Marriott history? Even if you already transferred points from SPG to Marriott in the past? I would not expect direct SPG-to-Marriott points transfers to ever count toward lifetime status; neither MR or SPG points do not count towards current/annual status anyway; your SPG stay history will be combined into your Marriott history, but will only count toward new program lifetime status
    19. Will any nights earned from the SPG Amex count towards total lifetime nights when accounts are merged in August? Currently, the SPG Amex nights count towards elite status for that year, and not towards lifetime nights.  Credit card nights count toward MR lifetime status, so I would assume 2018 (only) SPG CC nights will count IF you merge accounts, and only count toward new program lifetime status
    20. Will there by physical membership cards distributed for all members?  For new Lifetime status members?
    21. What will count as "Qualifying Elite Nights" under the new program (all possible ways to earn nights)?  This is how Marriott defines "Qualifying Nights" (I would not expect this definition to change in the new program): Source: Qualifying Nights 
    22. Will redemption nights still count as qualifying nights? Since it hasn't been stated they won't, I will assume no change, so Yes
    23. Will it still be possible to earn elite nights through credit card spend?   NO, the 1 elite night credit per $3,000 spent is ending on the Business Premier Visa on 26 August, but will still exist (for a time) on the Personal Rewards Premier Visa, however you can still earn elite status through credit card spend
  2. Lifetime Status
    1. If one qualifies for lifetime Platinum in Marriott Rewards under the "old' program rules (750 nights + 2 million points) after August 1 and before end-of-year 2018, would they be grandfathered into Lifetime Platinum or Lifetime Platinum Premier?  So, is the cut off date to be grandfathered into Lifetime Platinum Premier July 31, 2018 or December 31, 2018?If you achieve Platinum Elite Lifetime status in the current Marriott Rewards criteria by 12/31/2018; this means that you must have stayed 750 nights and have 2M points at Marriott and Ritz-Carlton Hotels. If you achieve this status by year end 2018, you will be grandfathered into Platinum Premier Lifetime status.
    2. If one qualifies for Lifetime Gold in Marriott Rewards under the "old' program rules (500 nights + 1.6 million points), or SPG lifetime Platinum (500 nights, 10 years) after August 1 and before end-of-year 2018, would they receive Lifetime Gold or Lifetime Platinum under the new rewards scheme?  Based on Community Managers answer above, you will be Lifetime Platinum. So, is the cut off date to be grandfathered into Lifetime Platinum July 31, 2018 or December 31, 2018? You will have all of 2018 to achieve Lifetime status for the existing criteria
      Based on Community Managers answers to A & B above, the new status chart applies to all statues achieved through December 31, 2018 under "old" program criteria:
    3. After August 1, 2018, will you be able to stay at any of the 29 Marriott brands to earn points toward "old criteria" Marriott Rewards status?  My guess is yes, because SPG members can stay at any of the 29 brands to qualify under SPG for "nights", and that would be the same way Marriott Rewards members qualify.  SPG however has to stay at legacy SPG brands to qualify in 2018 with  "stays" Toward lifetime status as well?  Same answer
    4. Will years at old Marriott Gold (50+ nights) count toward the new 10 year Lifetime Platinum (50+ nights) requirement? (Or only “Platinum” years?) Related to this - when calculating the number years at an elite level in order to reach a lifetime level, will that include years at an elite status that was obtained via buyback, soft-landing, or continued from a prior year by Marriott when "close enough'? Or will it be only count years when the total nights stayed (carry-over, bonus, etc.) met the number needed for the status? And also related to this - what about part years at say Platinum when someone has qualified for Platinum status mid-year in June then will that half-year count as a half year towards the 10 years or not? II would guess they count it as such - it would be a year in which you qualify, so if you qualified in September, that should be a year in which you "earned" "X" status. Note that even though you'd hold that status for all of the next year, you'd also have to "earn" it the next year as well so that the 2nd year was a "qualifying year" as well
    5. If a MR customer is attempting to achieve lifetime status via the existing method (Points + Nights) before 12/31/18 will points converted from SPG in August count towards the point total (i.e. Will SPG points count as MR Lifetime points come the August conversion) once you combine your accounts, both your Lifetime nights and your years at Elite status (earned, not by status match) will be combined. 
    6. Do mileage transfers from MileagePlus to Marriott Rewards points count towards lifetime points? Yes (see question in section 5)
    7. Is there an official list anywhere that states what points count towards lifetime and which do not?  Extension of E above. For example, shopping through Marriott, Hertz rentals, etc.
      Kinda, but this does not include transfers, so there is no known 'official" list of EVERYTHING: This is for points earned:   How to Earn Points
    8. Are the criteria being updated so that SPG LT Platinums that meet the MR thresholds - 750 SPG nights and 667K SPG earned points (1/3 of 2M), being grandfathered to LT Platinum Premier (as supposedly committed to by a CSR via email)?  As of now, NO, but stay tuned - this may very well change.  UPDATE (already known):  YES, 750 combined MR/SPG nights + 10 combined MR/SPG years at Platinum, OR 750 SPG nights + SPG Lifetime Platinum, OR 750 MR nights + SPG Lifetime Platinum, etc (any combination of MR/SPG 750 nights + any combination of MR/SPG 10+ years Platinum)
    9. Will the new program continue to offer a free elite night credit for the member's birthday (given that the member is subscribed to all the necessary mailing lists)?  YES, since this is a MR side "unpublished" benefit, I would think it will continue
    10. What will happen to current Lifetime Platinum Elite members who are also Charter Ambassador members?  Will they be grandfathered into the new Ambassador level in the new program? 
    11. What will happen to current Lifetime Platinum Elite members who are in the Ambassador program AND still qualify each year based on 175+ nights (designating them as Platinum Premier Elites in the new program)?  Will they also be added to the new Ambassador level or ...?  Yes, with $20k annual spend + 100 nights, members will earn Platinum Premier with Ambassador service
    12. Will Lifetime Platinum and Lifetime Platinum Premier members automatically receive the 5/10 night Suite Night Awards or do they still have to actually stay 50/75 nights each year to earn the Suite upgrade certificates?  No, you have to earn 50 nights and 75 nights annually, respectively.  See the definition of "Qualifying Nights" here:  Definition of Qualifying Nights
    13. Lifetime Criteria:

      Source:  Section 4.2e & 4.2f of Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions
  3. Suite Night Awards (SNA)
    1. What is a Suite Night Award (SNA), that Platinum/Platinum Premier will be getting 5 (+5) of under the new program?

    2. Will Platinum Premiers receive the 5 SNAs only when reaching 50 and 75 nights or will the first 5 SNAs be deposited annually with the remaining 5 upon making the 75 nights?  From what's been stated, you will have to earn 50 & 75 nights (see definition of "Qualifying Nights" in this document)
    3. All members get 5 SNAs at 50 nights and 5 more at 75 nights, correct?  Yes The fact that Platinum Elite does not have an asterisk for the 5 at 50 night and that Platinum 100/Ambassador has no asterisk at either 50 or 75 nights in the published table does not mean what it would appear to mean?  The table has changed since it was 1st released on April 16, but Platinum Ambassador doesn't matter as you will have already earned the max SNAs by then
    4. SPG members who have had 50 SPG nights by 12/31 - get 10 SNA's for 2018, correct?  UPDATE: SPG's program update now shows this as not true - earning 50 nights after 7/27/18 only gains 5 SNA's.  Should we then assume that the communication that all benefits earned under the legacy programs through the end of the year (Your24, SPG 75 night bonus points, 50 night 10 SNAs, etc) was a falsehood and meeting terms of the SPG program as published will be ignored after 7/27? Is the specific clarification that 25 stays at SPG will qualify for PLT status next year also being reneged?
    5. MR members who have 50 or 75 nights this year and are moved to Platinum or Platinum Elite - get 5 and 10 SNA's for 2018?  Not directly, you don't just "get" SNAs upon reaching 50 & 75 nights, you'd have to select it as an Annual Choice benefit. This has been the choices for SPG:  Starwood Preferred Guest Annual Choice Benefits 
    6. Members of both programs who are Lifetime matched to Platinum or Platinum Elite but have <50 nights in 2018 - get no SNA's for 2018 and will earn than at 50 and 75 nights in 2019?  No Annual Choice Benefit in 2018 it appears (it's not just SNAs), Yes at 50 & 75 nights in 2019 IF you choose SNAs as your annual choice benefit twice; you could in theory choose 5 SNAs at 50 nights, and a different gift option at 75 nights (or vice-versa)
    7. For those not Lifetime Platinum, when will SNA's become available - soon after the 50 night threshold is reached (if before the end of the calendar year), or at the start of the new calendar year? (By calendar year I mean Rewards Calendar year).  Answer is the same regardless of status as this is determined by "Qualifying Nights" annually, in the calendar year (Jan-Dec), once you reach 50 "Qualifying Nights" you will have the OPTION to choose SNAs (or another gift option), and you will have the same OPTION again at 75 "Qualifying Nights"
    8. When will the SNA's expire, if ever?
      If this stays as it is with SPG, Dec 31 the year following the year you earned them (example: You earn them at any point in 2019, they expire Dec 31, 2020). 
    9. And will that expiration date change if you try to use them but there is no availability? In other words, if a person tries to use the SNA's close to the expiration but that is not possible, are they "lost"? Generally, YES, they expire regardless and are "lost" if they go unused
  4. Credit Cards
    1. Will we be able to keep the existing Marriott personal card, in addition to getting the new card? Or will we be forced to upgrade the current card into the new one? 
      No, you can only hold ONE Premier card at a time.  You will NOT be forced to upgrade on May 3rd (my guess would be if you upgrade, you would lose the 15 elite night credits if you have them remaining for 2018, since the 15 elite night credit benefit does not start on the Premier Plus Visa until 2019.

      Source:  Marriott Rewards(R) Premier Plus Credit Card
    2. Can you confirm that if you have already received your 15 Elite Night bonus for having a Marriott Rewards credit card in 2018, those elite nights will not be taken away from your account if you choose to upgrade to a new Marriott Reward card in May?
      If you've already received your 15 elite night credits, NO, it would not be taken away.  If you keep the old MR Visa, I do not see those 15 elite night credits going away either (maybe after 17 Aug though?).  If you upgrade to the Premier Plus card however, you would have to close the regular Premier Visa, and I could see then any 15 elite night credits not awarded on the regular Premier Visa would be forfeited
    3. The existing Marriott personal card grants a "night" for each $3,000 spent. It appears there is no such provision under the upgraded personal credit card. Under the new program, will any other "nights" be credited for any reason aside from actually staying at a property? Specifically, for spending on the upgraded card or any sort of Marriott credit/charge card beyond the terms of the existing card?  15 elite night credits for holding any ONE SPG or Marriott credit card, and that benefit will NOT stack, so the max is 15 elite night credits.  You will also be able to earn 10 elite night credits for Rewarding Events (but it appears this has been updated - - as well as 1 elite night credit per 20 room nights booked via Rewarding Events, up to 20 elite night credits per contract)  
    4. Will original Premier Visa card holders set to earn the 15 Elite Night credits after Aug 1, 2018 still receive those credits?  If so, would they count toward toward "old program lifetime status"?  If you convert your card to the Premier Plus, I would say NO, not until 2019 - depending on the mysterious "upgrade" incentives (which giving you 15 elite nights in 2018 may be one of them, since they'd be stripping that until 2019).  If you keep your old cards, they should honor the existing benefits, but they can change them at any time
    5. After 8/1, will points earned on SPG Amex count toward lifetime points?
      No, there is no such thing as "lifetime points" or "SPG Points" after 8/1 in the new program.  The only
      lifetime points would be the standard Marriott Rewards (MR) legacy program points earned to achieve lifetime (LT) status in Marriott Rewards (to be translated to the respective new program LT status) through 31 December 2018
    6. If Marriott Rewards Chase Visa credit card holder have earned the sign on bonus within the last two years of applying/switching to the new card rolled out in May 2018 will they be eligible for the full bonus or a partial bonus and what will those bonuses be?
      I'm going to guess that it will be a partial bonus of 25k points (difference of potential  Premier Plus 100k intro bonus and current Premier Visa's 75k intro offer) *** SEE all of the new combined rules for Chase & AMEX cards as to how bonuses will be limited
    7. If someone currently holds both the Premier personal *and* business MR cards, earning 15 elite night credits each for a total of 30 nights/year, will they be able to keep those two cards and continue earning an extra 30 elite nights of credit per year in 2018?  After August 1, 2018?  In 2019 and beyond?  Yes, if you've already received both credits prior to 18 August 2018.  In 2018 after 18 August - TBD, we'll need a use case to "prove" it.  In 2019 & beyond, no - capped at 15 elite night credits/year
    8. Where do I check for the upgrade offer for the new Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Visa card?  HereWelcome to Chase - Product Upgrade Catch All Page - Credit Cards
    9. If you currently hold both the personal Chase Marriott and SPG AMEX cards, and your Marriott card has already renewed in 2018, but your SPG AMEX does not renew until after August 1, 2018, will you still receive the free night certificate from the SPG AMEX?
    10. What is the benefit in continuing to hold both the SPG AMEX and the Chase Marriott Premier Visa credit cards?  You will continue to earn the same benefits on the cards until July 31, 2018 for SPG AMEX cards (August 26 for Chase Marriott Rewards), and then you will earn the new benefits starting August 1, 2018 for SPG AMEX cards (August 26 for Chase Marriott Rewards) - you will have to examine which benefits are important to you  Will we even be able to?  Yes, until they are potentially discontinued
    11. Will there be a UK credit card released since the 'current' one hasn't been taking applications for well over a year?  Supposedly, yes (August 2018, with updated benefits): Marriott Rewards Credit Cards &  SPG Credit Cards
  5. Points Earning
    1. In addition to the 10 points per dollar, are there other ways that points are currently earned during stays?  Or 5 points/$1 at Residence Inn, TownePlace Suites, and Element (starting 18 August for all 3); Platinum welcome gift (if you choose points, or are defaulted to points), and I would expect Green Choice to still exist, meetings, Qualifying Charges on stays, using Marriott/Ritz-Carlton or SPG co-branded credit cards
    2. It looks like Platinum Arrival Gift/Amenity Points will continue to be offered. If so, at what rate? (Marriott currently has different amounts for different properties; SPG has 500 [equivalent to 1,500 MR points] and 250 for Platinum members and 250 and 125 for Gold members). If there is a Lounge with breakfast, will points still be offered as a welcome amenity as is currently the case for Platinum members? 
      UPDATE:  Platinum Welcome Gift info:… , Lounge Access benefit info: 
    3. Will points continue be given for "Green Choice" and "Go Green" at properties that currently offer them? At what level will points be awarded if the guest chooses to participate? Will other properties be added to this program?  It appears this will still exist, level would be "member", will other properties be added - we'll have to wait for the announcement
    4. Can you transfer United MileagePlus Miles to Marriott Rewards points?
      Yes, at a 1:1 ratio, up to 50,000 points annually; Source:   Convert United Miles into Marriott Rewards points
  6. Points/Certificate Redeeming
    1. When will new property categories be announced - the new 1-7 Category number for each of the 6000+ individual properties?
      ≈ 6 weeks from new program announcement (approximately 100 have been released - Source:; Entire Category List Released (last week of June):  Free Night Redemption Rates – Marriott Members 
    2. What will the new hotel+air travel package redemption values be?  New hotel+air redemption chart 
    3. For the new style of free night certificates (that are "up to XX,000 points" instead of "up to Category Y"), will we be able to use a certificate, but pay the difference in cash or points? e.g. if you have a 50,000 point certificate, but want to book at a 60,000 point hotel, can you pay the 10,000 point difference?  Not sure if you will be able to "upgrade" the certificate, but you will be able to use points to upgrade to a suite
    4. What will PointSaver values be? 
    5. What will be the 'point' value that Marriott Cat 1-5 free night certificates are mapped to after 17 August?
    6. What will be the 'point' value that Marriott Cat 1-5 5-night certificates (from hotel+air package) are mapped to after 17 August?
    7. What will be the 'point' value that Marriott Cat 6 5-night certificates (from hotel+air package) are mapped to after 17 August?
    8. What will be the 'point' value that Marriott Cat 7 5-night certificates (from hotel+air package) are mapped to after 17 August?
    9. What will be the 'point' value that Marriott Cat 8 5-night certificates (from hotel+air package) are mapped to after 17 August?
    10. What will be the 'point' value that Marriott Cat 9 5-night certificates (from hotel+air package) are mapped to after 17 August?
    11. What will be the 'point' value that Marriott Cat 1-5 7-night certificates (from hotel+air package) are mapped to after 17 August?
    12. What will be the 'point' value that Marriott Cat 6 7-night certificates (from hotel+air package) are mapped to after 17 August?
    13. What will be the 'point' value that Marriott Cat 7 7-night certificates (from hotel+air package) are mapped to after 17 August?
    14. What will be the 'point' value that Marriott Cat 8 7-night certificates (from hotel+air package) are mapped to after 1 August?
    15. What will be the 'point' value that Marriott Cat 9 7-night certificates (from hotel+air package) are mapped to after 17 August?
    16. What will be the 'point' value that Ritz-Carlton Tier 1-3  7-night certificates (from hotel+air package) are mapped to after 17 August?
    17. What will be the 'point' value that Ritz-Carlton Tier 4-5 7-night certificates (from hotel+air package) are mapped to after 17 August?
  7. Vacation Club
    1. Will nights stayed at MVCI timeshares still count as stay nights?
    2. Currently, Gold Elite is given to Select and Executive Level while Platinum Elite is given to members with Presidential and Chairman Level. Will elite status still be granted for Select Level and above MVCI status? What will be the corresponding levels?
    3. Will arrival points still be awarded for Vacation Club stays?
      Yes, Source (Answered by communitymanagers) : /message/246609#comment-246661
  8. Booking
    1. In August, when everything merges together, will there just be one website to log in to? No, you will be able to access all properties from all 3 legacy websites starting 18 August
    2. If you log into RC or SPG, will there be a redirect?  No, you will be able to access all properties from all 3 legacy websites starting 18 August
    3. Will you be able to book SPG properties on (the new) Marriott's website?  Yes, starting 18 August
    4. As an SPG member, since you can continue to earn status through 2018 on the SPG status qualification criteria, does that mean an SPG member can book up to 3 rooms and get elite night credit for all 3 rooms from August 1-December 31, 2018?  100% guess, but I would say Yes, IF you are strictly booking SPG legacy properties
  9. Post-merger 18 August New Post (see the FAQ first before posting questions: Frequently Asked Questions | SPG & Marriott Rewards)
    1. How are nights determined for Platinum Premier with Ambassador?  Qualified nights (see section #1)
    2. How is "Qualified Spend" determined for Platinum Premier with Ambassador $20k spend requirement?  It appears to be $$$ spent at Marriott hotels during "qualified nights", possibly excluding resort fees and taxes
    3. Can I still transfer SPG points to Marriott Rewards?  No, there are no such thing as "SPG points" anymore; you can only combine accounts to merge points
    4. How do elite status challenges work now post 18 August 2018? There are ONLY TWO challenges available, Gold and Platinum - members CANNOT challenge to Platinum Premier status or above.  For the Gold Challenge, you must already be a Silver Elite member.  The Gold Challenge requires meeting 8 PAID nights in 3 months; For the Platinum Challenge, you must already be a Gold Elite member.  The Platinum Challenge requires meeting 16 PAID nights in 3 months.  All challenges must be PAID nights; award nights using points, certificates, or points + cash DO NOT COUNT!  Also note, now, YOU CAN ONLY DO ONE CHALLENGE EVERY 3 FULL CALENDAR YEARS! Example: If you do a status challenge in 2019, then you are NOT eligible for another challenge until January 1, 2023.  To enroll, CALL MARRIOTT and ask to be registered in the challenge.  There is NO DOCUMENTATION in an FAQ, etc. AND this is not tracked in your member account - YOU MUST TRACK YOUR CHALLENGE YOURSELF; the ONLY way to track your challenge progress with Marriott is by calling Marriott, which you can call 801-468-4000 (or SPG at 888-625-4988).
    5. How do Rewarding Events work?  Per the updated T&Cs, Rewarding Events will work the following way:  10 Elite night credits will be applied for the FIRST Qualified Meeting held per calendar year (and no other events that calendar year can earn this 10 elite night credit - so at MAX 10 Elite Night credits for meetings); all meetings can earn 1 elite night credit per 20 room nights booked and actualized.  Each contract can earn up to 20 elite night credits MAX (including the FIRST contract that earns 10 elite night credits for the contract).  All members can earn 2 points per $1 (excluding special promotions or negotiated contracts) on qualifying event charges  (no longer 3 points per $1), up to a 60,000 point MAX.  Elite members will earn bonuses on base earning, on the same tiered structure as their status:  10% Silver Elite Bonus, up to 66,000 points MAX per Qualifying Event; 25% Gold Elite Bonus up to 75,000 points MAX per Qualifying Event; 50% Platinum Elite Bonus, up to 90,000 points MAX per Qualifying Events; 75% Platinum Premier Elite Bonus, up to 105,000 points MAX per Qualifying Event; Points/Miles can be split between a MAX of 2 members per contract.  Source:  Section 5 of the Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions
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