Hotels where you've had issues with points posting & the issues and resolutions

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All:  I'm starting this document to track where anyone has had issues with points posting.  I didn't see this list anywhere, so if it exists, we can delete this thread, but if it doesn't, now it does!  This isn't meant to be a major complaint section, but a list of hotels where you've had points posting issues - informational for members.  So, your entry would be listed as an end-to-end issue, for issues that including anything from rate issues, conversion rate issues, rate bonus points issues, MegaBonus issues, Platinum Arrival Gift issues, Invoking Guarantee issues, credit card points issues, anything regarding points issues (so I didn't list all possible issues, but add anything that you've had)!  This is meant for members to know where they may face issues with points posting, not to bash a hotel or detail the entire story - if you feel the back story needs to be told, link in a post detailing the issue(s).  The goal is for this to be a short & sweet explanation of the points issue.  If it was an issue with hotel facilities, just briefly mention the issue (hot water faucet broken, leaking toilet, broken AC, no heat, smell, restaurant/lounge closed unexpectedly with no notice, etc).  I believe everyone can edit it, but if not, let me know so it can be fixed!


There are just too many stories with members always having to chase points, so this is meant to track it.  I'll start it with the quick edit format - short details, so if you can, list your hotels in this format (and I'll start it - I'll go back and add others I remember later):


Hotel Name & date of stay (mm/yyyy) | List the issue(s) you had chasing points | How you resolved it | How long until resolution & any bonus?

  • Gaylord National (7/2017) | not offered PAG, no upgrade then attempt to charge for upgrade, etc | Invoked Guarantee at checkout | immediately, granted Guarantee + pts
  • Europe stay - various hotels (8/2017) | 5x MR Visa points for hotels not applied  | Called Chase | resolved on phone, points posted next statement
  • Renaissance New York Hotel 57 (9/2017) | 5,000 pt rate bonus not applied | Emailed hotel | about 23 days until hotel posted points, awarded extra points
  • London Heathrow Renaissance (9/2017) | Rate points incorrect (no idea how they converted it) | MR hotline | resolved on phone, updated immediately
  • St. Pancras Renaissance (9/2017) | Your Choice Housekeeping math incorrect | Asked for verification at checkout & corrected | immediately at checkout
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