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One of the new features of the Insider’s site is we now have the ability to create our own personalized streams on the home page.  These streams can be based upon People, Places, or Tags.   I decided to create three different streams on my homepage so that I could access the content easily.   I've created streams for Lounge Reviews ,Upcoming Stays, & Hotel Reviews.





The Lounge Reviews & Hotel Reviews streams give me easy access to the Master Lists for lounge reviews and hotel reviews on Insiders and also the most recent reviews for each.  The Upcoming Stays stream gives me easy access to the list of Upcoming Stays shared by members of the Insiders Community.

Here are the steps I took to create these two streams:


  1. ) On the Insiders Home Page click on the  + button underneath the main banner
  2. ) Enter a Stream name in the box on the Left Side. (e.g. Lounge Reviews , Hotel Reviews, Upcoming Stays)
  3. ) In the Search box enter a tag name (e.g. lounge review, hotel review, upcoming stays).  You can also create streams based upon people and/or places instead of tag names if desired.
  4. ) Click the Add button to Add the tag, person, or place
  5. ) When finished click the Done button.


Here is a preview of my Lounge Reviews stream:




Here is a preview of my Upcoming Stays Stream:



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