Hooray for Insiders Mini Meet Ups!

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To borrow the phrase from our lovely seatexan, "Hooray for Insiders Mini Meet Ups!"


With the latest iteration of Marriott Rewards Insiders, we are now able to collaborate on documents, woo hoo!  In keeping with the idea of jsucool76's collaborative document 2017 Upcoming Stays and vaboywnder's Lounge Review Master List , I thought I'd start another collaborative document where we can have a place to centralize our "Insiders Mini Meet Ups."  I know that there have been many along the way by now (and hopefully there will be many more to come!)  So with this, I would like to encourage all of us use this space to post a photo (along with a discussion/blog link if available) of our meet ups.


Let's organize them by year, shall we?  As far as I know, jerrycoin was the first Insider to create this laudable past time and it occurred between he and our beloved nuhusker in 2012, followed shortly thereafter with a London gab and imbibe fest between jerrycoin and our favorite retired scientist, arkwright.  So I'll start this off by taking the liberty of posting these two early meet ups here, and end with my latest meet up from just last month.  I hope you'll all follow my lead by posting your own Insiders Meet Ups here as well.


Below, I've posted yearly titles, and would encourage you to place your meet ups under the appropriate year in which they occurred.  This way we'll have a historical account, a sort of Insiders Meet Up "Year Book", if you will, to look back on.  Post away, and let's have some fun!




NU and Jerrycoin meet, what FUN!

meet ups JC and NU 2012 IMG_1834.JPG


Arkwright, does it again!

meet ups JC and Ark 2012 IMG_2206.JPG






mrs. kharada, erc daughters, kharada46, mrs. erc, erc, granny erc - Oahu, Hawaii








jerrycoin and bejacob in St. Louis - May



How about this precursor to TIPPLE? nathalief, pluto77, bejacob, erc, and Mrs. erc at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. D.C. - November


mrs. foxglove, foxglove, mrs. erc, erc - Athens, Ga.


vaboywnder, eclektech, mrs.erc, granny erc, erc - Arlington, VA.

7_5 Ted's Montana Grill.jpg






bejacob and foxglove in Athens, GA - April

bejacob and foxglove.jpg

brightlybob and bejacob at Niagara Falls - July


First meeting between bejacob and kharada46 - September






tryt53, syojam and seatexan - Palace Cafe in New Orleans, Louisiana - November


razorbackfan, bikinchris, and seatexan - Ground Pati - Lafayette, La - December

IMG_20161217_131126 (1).jpg






Insiders Gather (Tiny Tipple Two and Tipple Toes)

nationwide's, iahflyr's & pluto77 at The Woodlands, TX March 2017



vaboywnder eclektech & pluto77 on the "Friends" couch, Central Perks @ Warner Bros Studios in Burbank.



kharada46 and bejacob in Ko Olina, HI - March 2017



erc, and painedplatinum - Philadelphia, PA - April 2017



brightlybob, fistuk and Mr. and Mrs. seatexan, LHR Renaissance, London, UK - May 2017

LHR Renaissance Mini-TIPPLE



nationwide and navysafe at JW San Antonio, TX - June.  "School's out!  For summer!"

Mini Tipple in San Antonio

Alex Nationwide and Navysafe at JW Marriott San Antonio2.jpg


erc and arkwright telling tales and tossing back some cold ones in the District - June 2017

"There's few things I like more than meeting with a brilliant intellectual that's not an egghead. arkwright is that man. Yeah, he could have dazzled me with tales of pathogens and the exciting difference between autoclaving and asepsis, but instead he chatted about sports, travel, movies, and a whole variety of fascinating topics all the while downing probably a keg of DC's finest craft beers at ChurchKey one of the District top beer halls (and showing no effects, brilliant to the last drop). This is what Insiders is all about, good times and great info. Keep on keepin' on gang."  -Erc

doug and chris in dc.jpg


brightlybob, bejacob, and fistuk at Worsley Old Hall (next door to the Worsley Park Marriott) - September 2017

Happy TIPPLEversary



bejacob with erc and Mrs. Erc in Washington DC - November 2017

DC meetup.jpg


anadyr and pluto77 at the Monterey Bay Half Marathon Expo in Monterey, CA - Nov. 12, 2017





Vaboywnder , RLE, Eclektech, & Eclektech's parents meet up in Burbank, CA!   In celebration of Eclektech's parents 50th Anniversary we arranged a special trip to Burbank & Las Vegas. While in Burbank we got to meet up with RLE (some reason I couldn't tag you) for lunch and then hang out at Warner Brothers that afternoon. Thanks RLE for a great afternoon!--Scott aka vaboywnder




Here are verysuiteboy & matthank at the Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport, by coincidence in April , the night before SuiteBoy headed to DC for Double TIPPLE

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