• Feather Free Room Preference

    A couple of times this year we've gotten a room where the feather free room preparation is just simply to remove bedding with feathers and not make much effort to substitute for equivalent bedding without feathers. Th...
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  • Taking drinks from the lounge

    when visiting the lounge, do you take drinks (bottled soft drinks / water) back to your room?
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  • Courtyard Shower Dispenser

    There are rumblings that courtyards has a new brand standard when it comes to toiletries.  The rumor is that they are replacing individual toiletries with shower dispensers.  Do you think this is a good idea...
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  • How much would you spend on luggage?

    I recently purchased a "Rimowa Topas Titanium Aluminum" suitcase. My dad (who is shipping it to me overseas) thinks that no one of sound mind and judgment would pay $1600 for a suitcase. I think it is well worth the m...
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  • Ambassador benefits?

    Just wanted to know what benefit you guys preferred. For me, I prefer the My24. I haven't really used the Ambassador Service that much. I liked to do my owns reservations (usually do some research on my options)....
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  • How Much Do You Tip Housekeeping?

    Tipping is definitely a personal preference, though guidelines and recommendations for tipping amounts exist.  A recent article that I read stated that only 25%-30% of American hotel-stayers tip their housekeepin...
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  • Robes and Slippers?

    Quick poll: do you use the robe and/or the slippers if they're in the closet? Use the comments to add insights: do you have a favorite robe (e.g., do you prefer the conventional Marriott terry robe or the Renaissan...
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  • How much do you leave for a housekeeping tip (single night)?

    It has been a while since I've talked with others about the appropriate amount to leave for a housekeeping tip. So I thought I'd ask the Insiders what their common tipping practice is.   This poll is asking abou...
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  • Sticker Shock!  What is the most you have paid for a hotel room?

    We were thinking about going to an upcoming New Orleans Saints game if we could buy reasonably priced tickets on NFL Exchange (Saints tickets are sold out); however, when I checked out hotel prices, I was flabbergaste...
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  • Internet Access

    Poll about how you access internet service during your stays with Marriott or any other hotel brand.
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  • How many months in 2018 included a Marriott stay?

    We've reached the end of 2018. Time to find out how much you love staying at Marriott.  Some folks have hundreds of nights, while others have just a few. Some stay at Marriott at least once every month. Oth...
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  • Hotel Corridor remains. Do they make you hungry?

    You know how it is.   Late night after work and extensive unwinding in the Bar, on your way back to the room you see it:   ———————————&md...
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  • Special Rates

    Who uses what, that is the question.
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  • Which Cape Town Hotel?

    Going to cape town, south africa in September and need a place to stay the night before a tour starts. Torn between these two hotels. Any recommendations?
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  • Upgrades: is bigger better?

    Do you ever wish your "free upgrade" could be getting the same room type but at a nicer hotel nearby?   Or the same size room but with better features?   It's like small premium cars. Bigger isn't better. ...
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  • Housekeeping Tipping -- Part 2 (The Variations)

    In the first poll I asked about what someone might leave as a housekeeping tip for a single night if staying in a typical room. This poll asks whether there is a variance in tipping if a guest stays in a suite, or if ...
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  • Would you like hotels to have cold items of breakfast out either beginning at 1 or 2am if they have a refrigerator or left out till check out if not?

    On one stay my flight got in at 1:45am and I got ot the hotel at 2:30 and before check in and cleanup for bed, I got to bed at 3:30.  Breakfast was over at 9 and I missed it.  Another, flight arrived at 12:4...
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  • Do you like the new Courtyard format

    As a 972 night Marriott hotel user I have had my last night at a Courtyard anywhere.   Are Courtyards better than Resident Inns?  I say no. Are they close to Full service Marriott's or Renaissance Hotels...
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  • Post-Merger: Will Your Brand Preferences/Habits Change?

    Well, it's here.... The merger is for real...  And whether or not you've combined Marriott Rewards and SPG accounts, one dramatic change to our travel planning is that - when you search for a hotel on the Marriot...
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  • Do you use Mobile Check-In?

    Marriott now offers Mobile Check-In on their smart phone app.  The idea is that you you can check into your Room on your phone up to 24 hours in advance and Mariott will send you an alert when your room is ready....
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