Hotel Review: The Westin Indianapolis

Blog Post created by wsm78 on Mar 16, 2020

The Westin Indianapolis


I was lucky enough to spend five nights at The Westin Indianapolis last week while attending an event hosted by Purdue University at the nearby JW Marriott Indianapolis. As this was my third year attending this event, I opted to stay a few blocks away in the Westin to get away from the crowds; this was no concern in Indianapolis, as the hotels are connected to the Indianapolis Skywalk. The Skywalk links other hotels, restaurants, a shopping mall, Lucas Oil Stadium and many other downtown Indianapolis buildings, meaning I rarely had to step out in the weather.




I first stayed at The Westin Indianapolis in 2014; in fact, it’s where I first signed up with SPG. The hotel largely looked the way I remembered it, so I don’t believe it’s been refreshed since then; however, it didn’t look rundown or shabby and still came off as relaxed and polished. My room was upgraded from a standard Traditional Guest Room to a King Plaza Suite on the 10th floor. This was partly why I opted to stay at the Westin; in the past two years of staying at the JW Marriott, I’ve only been upgraded from a standard room on a lower floor to one on a higher floor, never to a larger room or a suite, probably due to them being at capacity hosting the conference. Too, I’ve found that former SPG properties still upgrade elites into suites more often than not, as that was something they were doing before the Marriott merger.


Living Room




The suite I received was clean and spacious with comfortable furnishings. The living room featured a small sofa bed, armchair, ottoman, and end tables; a credenza housing a large television, coffee maker, mini fridge, and drawers for storage; and a work desk and task chair.






The bedroom had a dresser with drawers for storage, two nightstands, an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed, and a television mounted on a swing-arm. I loved having two windows in the room, as they let in a lot of light. Traffic wasn't too loud at night, but I did notice it.






The suite featured two closets, one in the bathroom and another in the foyer. It had quite a lot of storage space, more than I needed for my trip, but something I appreciate in a room.


I dined in their restaurant on site, Nourish, on the second floor of the restaurant. Years ago it had been Shula’s Steak House, but somewhere along the way it changed. The space is large and overlooks Indiana’s capitol building across the street. Their food was very good and the service was excellent; I ate there more than once, trying different menu items. I tried their steak sandwich (very tender, thinly sliced steak) and vegetarian pasta (extremely flavorful!), and I loved their hamburger (with buttery, toasted bun).


Executive Lounge


The hotel was quiet during my stay, probably due to the coronavirus pandemic. I’m sure I was one of the last conference attendees last week, as most of the rest have now been cancelled or postponed. During my stay, one of the hotel staff told me the property was only at 9% capacity! I noticed their Executive Lounge (the State Room on their first floor, pictured above) was often empty, so I knew the hotel wasn’t crowded. Even so, operations appeared normal and the staff I encountered were polite and professional.


I know from my experiences at this hotel and with its staff that I would be taken care of and looked out for. I would gladly stay at The Westin Indianapolis again in the future.