Marriott, where are you?

Blog Post created by bajcpa on Sep 17, 2019

 On August 22, my wife and I stayed at the Courtyard in Goodlettsville, TN. At 2:30 AM we were awakened by a loud 

pounding on our door. It was the Goodlettsville Police Department, informing us that our car window had been broken, along with 7 or 8 others. After talking with Detective Baker, we understand that this is not an uncommon occurrence and that the hotel has declined to provide security. The assistant GM, Michael Norris, has been very accommodating, and has referred the matter to the claims department, but in the intervening three weeks, the claims people refuse to call me back.  Now, you know that the common defense is,”There is a sign posted that states we have no liability...” .  There are many court decisions which hold that liability cannot be disclaimed by such a sign, and that this position is a violation of public policy. What Marriott needs to understand is that I am not going to go away. I have a bill for $345 for window replacement, and I insist that I be reimbursed. My final remedy, of course, is simply to never stay with Marriott again. As a long-time Gold member, I really expected better treatment.  I may need to turn this matter over to my attorney son, who is the meanest, nastiest junkyard lawyer you have ever seen. If I do take that step, someone at Marriott is going to have a very bad experience.