Riley Family Travels

Blog Post created by cajunprince on Jul 11, 2019

My family and I love to travel. I have been traveling all over since I was two years old growing up in Louisiana. My father worked for Texaco at that time one of the Biggest Oil Filed Companies. He had us traveling all over this beautiful country at the age of two years. Now I find myself traveling with my family like my father did for my brother and sister and mother. I think traveling all over is very good for kids it makes them well rounded and cultured meeting new people and seeing new places. Also give them the experience in traveling they can always say I have been there and seen this place or that place. In our travels we always stayed at a Marriott maybe Holiday Inn Nine times out of ten we were in Marriott Hotels. So I love Marriott Brands. Now my wife loves Marriott and she is always looking to see where to travel to next. In this blog I will share a few places.