Review:  The New York Edition Hotel

Blog Post created by ajs1974 on Sep 20, 2018

For years, I’ve been searching for the perfect NY hotel — good location, clean and business-traveler friendly room, modern, great service, and a price that doesn’t break the bank.  The NY Edition checks all but the last box.  


Location - you’re located right next to Madison Square Park and a ton of great restaurants/stores.  You can get the best prime rib sandwich in NYC at Eataly across the street, then work it off at the Peloton studio a few blocks away.  The area is not busy with tourists.


The room was fantastic.  Very spacious for a NY hotel.  The closet was the size of a bathroom at most hotels.  The television had to be at least 70 inches, and offered the ability to log in to your Netflix and YouTube account.    As a business traveler, a good work space is important to me.  This had an excellent work space.  It’s not a desk but a large table with a couch on one side of it and a cushioned bench on the other side of it. I loved it because I had room to spread out my papers, laptop, snacks, etc., while sitting in a comfortable seat.  The room had a nice B&O speaker you can connect by bluetooth to your phone.laptop.  


The bathroom was nice and the soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and all the other amenities were second only to Molton Brown.  There’s a well stocked mini-bar and the prices, while high, are not insane.  The robe is one of the most comfortable hotel robes I’ve experienced — really soft, light, and good size.


What is insanely priced, however, is room service.  But you won’t need to order it.  There are so many good places to eat within one or two blocks.  I hear the Clock Tower restaurant is excellent.  I may try it if I return.  


Though the walls of the room had no artwork, I was fine with that because of the enormous headboard and the large window that had an awesome view of the Freedom Tower.  


The bed deserves its own paragraph.  The sheets were incredibly soft and the mattress was perfect.  Definitely one of my favorite hotel beds of all time.  


Service - the best way to describe the service is friendly, unobtrusive, helpful, and genuine.  The check-in process was smooth.  I was given a room even though I was checking in at 1 pm.  


The price - this is what may potentially be a long term dealbreaker for me.  I travel a lot for work.  I can’t stay at hotels that cost several hundred dollars, so I may have to save this hotel for the low season travel.  Nevertheless, it rivals any Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton I’ve stayed at in the past and I’m sure it will have no trouble filling up.    


In short, I HIGHLY recommend this property if you can swing it.