Dining in Your Hotel

Blog Post created by fschumpert on Jun 27, 2018

You've heard the old expression: "Never eat in the hotel where you're staying for the night." Well, while this might be true some of the time, there are exceptions to this rule.


I just returned from business trip to Venice and surrounding area, which is noted for fine dining, even in some of the smallest ristorantes. However, one of the best meals (secondi piatti & dolce or, second course and dessert, shown)  I enjoyed was at the Marriott Grand Hotel Dei Dogi, (formerly Marriott Boscolo Autograph, located in Siesteri Cannerigio, Fondamenta Madonna dell 'Orto, Venice.




If you've never stayed here, it's accessible via Public Transport Waterbus from the airport to Port Madonna dell 'Orto and then a five-minute walk to hotel