San Francisco Airport (SFO) Marriott Waterfront

Blog Post created by mcgahat on Apr 21, 2018

I want to apologize for dumping a bunch of photos out in the image area, I was looking to post images and the function worked differently than I thought and apparently there is no way to delete.  I found the blog post function and that seems to be what I am looking leave a review of this property.  Hope you find it useful. 


Pre-Arrival - I used the chat function to contact the hotel as I always do to find out how often the shuttle runs and if you need to call them.  I was informed that is basically runs 24 hours without a need to call.  I don't have the chat available to me now but it was basically every 10 minutes during peak hours (morning and evening), every 15 minutes during non peak hours and overnight ever 30 minutes.  It was a good start that they responded to the chat quickly and thoroughly. 


Arrival - I got extremely lucky as the shuttle had just pulled up as I got to the shuttle area.  If you have not been to SFO before the hotel shuttles are at the departure level in the middle island. The shuttle is shared with the Hyatt down the street so look for the bus with both their names on it.  It was a quick 10 minute or so ride after being picked up at terminal 3 to the hotel.  The Marriott is the first stop after the airport and it will then head to the Hyatt which is the same path that you will take when taking the shuttle back to the airport so plan accordingly. 


Check-In -  There is an Elite line but it all seems crammed into one little area so it cant get a little scrambled during peak times but the agents are quick and pretty friendly.  I was shown the M Club lounge which is on the first floor just to the left of the check-in desk but not mention of any upgrade for me as a Platinum member.  I found the front desk to be pleasant in all my interactions. 


Room - Room had obviously been renovated as it had a more modern interior and design.  It had plenty of space to put bags and a nice chaise lounge with a table.  There was enough of a desk albeit small to work on.  Plugs near the bed on both sides, USB and electric.  All the typical items you would expect from a Marriott, iron and safe etc.  The shower was pretty nice and actually had good shower pressure which was shocking as you don't get that anymore it seems. It was also fairly quiet and I am not sure if that is the room design or just got lucky with no noisy neighbors etc.  I had a view of the street and didn't really hear much noise from there.  All in all, I found the room comfortable and well setup. 


M Club Lounge - I wish I thought to take some photos of the lounge but didn't, sorry.  It is actually a nice looking space and pretty comfortable.  For breakfast it did get busy but never had a problem finding a spot to eat and the hotel was quite full.  The offering at breakfast had some sort of hot meat such as sausage or ham, eggs and some other hot specialty dish such as mini breakfast quesadillas then they had fruit, oatmeal, cereals, yogurt and some really good pastries. The coffee machine actually makes lattes, cappuccinos etc instead of just coffee which is what I have seen at other lounges and it is quicker.  During the day you have pretty much the coffee, tea, sodas and some snacks such as M&M's, cookies, Chex mix thingy and some fruit.  The evening offering was pretty good with some nice hot appetizers, hummus and veggies from 5-7 and 7.30 to 10 there was desserts.  They also had alcohol for sale in the evening of course and there was a couple of wines I didn't remember seeing at the lobby bar and maybe a couple of bucks cheaper but still pretty high. The service in the lounge was really good in my opinion and always pretty friendly.  I dont know that I care for the space being on the first floor but sure it will help them monetize it. 


F&B - There is a restaurant, lobby bar and a Starbucks at the property.  There is also a little gift shop kinda thing with some snacks but when I say little I mean little so don't expect much there.   If you don't have breakfast or access to the lounge the Starbucks is a reasonable option, it is more expensive than a regular Starbucks but still more reasonable than the restaurant I am sure.  It is a full size location versus just a small kiosk that you find as some hotels.  The lobby lounge was nice particularly during the day when you have the windows with s nice view of the bay and aircraft landing, too bad the M Club Lounge didn't get that view.  I didn't try the restaurant.  I did find F&B expensive even by San Francisco hotel standards.  I hate paying almost $20 glass for crappy wine.  If you can, go elsewhere in my opinion.


Location - While this is the first time staying at this hotel I am very familiar with the area and always enjoy staying out here.  I love to walk along the pathway along the bay and of course watch all the planes land.  In my opinion that while this hotel is right in the middle of the runway it is actually better viewing the planes landing further up towards the pathway towards the Embassy Suites.  Still, great place to view the bay and planes.  There is not a lot less then 15 minutes walk though so plan accordingly. 


Summary - I like the property and would not rule it out for future stays but may be inclined to stay up closer to the Millbrae BART station at the Westin or Fairfield as I think there is more up in that area dining wise.  I don't mind walking so this area doesn't bother me that much.