Travel Tips in Italy

Blog Post created by fschumpert on Sep 19, 2017

Recently returned from traveling in Italy with my wife (business and pleasure), I offer the following additional tips for help to those who might not have traveled here frequently:



For train travel two hours, recommend purchasing first class ticket (as shown here) for additional comfort, seat selection, services, etc. You can purchase tickets via internet ahead of time and print these for presentation on the train, or at the train station. * Remember that there are two different train carriers in Italy - Trentalia is higher priced, but better service and not as crowded. Also, remember to stamp your boarding pass on the respective platform ("binario") prior to entering train!

You can take trains to most Italian cities and towns, but if you want to visit smaller communities (San Gimignano, Cortona, Renaissance Ciocco near Barga,  etc.), you'll either need to take a bus from train station, or rent an auto (the latter my preference). GPS assistance in auto (and/or Google Maps, along with road map) are must for me - I use all to get to destination with limited difficulties! * Do not leave anything inside your auto when you park (even at hotel)!


*When traveling on water taxi (vaporetta) in Venice or buses, protect your belongings - especially your personal items! We were on crowded bus from Venice back to airport Courtyard Hotel, last day in Venice, and a pick pocket stole my wife's small purse from inside her zippered pocketbook, over her shoulder, under a sweater. We had to immediately call credit card companies to cancel these, and later had to re-order Medicare card and driver's license. Fortunately, this happened on tail end of our trip, not the beginning! ....and,we're somewhat "seasoned" travelers.