Booking Follow-up

Blog Post created by globaltreker on Aug 6, 2017

Not sure where to stay for Business or Leisure?

Don't have any time to review other similar properties?

Now sure if the nightly cost is competitive?


TIP: Pick one property of interest, select an applicable rate, and then when you get to the "Book Now" selection page where the Room(s) Held for: 15:00, ABANDON the reservation by closing your browser window.


Why do all this? Because Marriott is tracking this abandoned "incomplete" reservation and rewards you with a follow-up email (as long as you have opted-in to marketing promotions) usually within a day of abandonment.


The cool thing about that follow-up email is that aside from them trying to get you to complete the booking, it also provides you with alternative properties for consideration.  It also gives you Analytics on lowest prices over the next 21 days. "*Price and availability subject to change. Display price indicates lowest rate over the next 21 days."


That can be very useful information for those who want to book the lowest price at a certain property within 3 weeks timeframe.  Granted this is Marriott's LAR (Lowest Available Rate) that is published.  Lower rates certainly may be available.


Try it and see it this can help you with travel planning.  Let other know if you find this useful or not.